New Blogs for 2/7/24

2/7/24 71 Going On 61

If you have this preconceived notion that 71-year-olds are old people and look like old people, you would be sorely mistaken with this client that I had the other day. We laughed almost the entire time we were together. I was in rare form. Everything I said was funny. Like I said, rare form. But I digress. This man told me upfront that he was 61, but when I met him I asked him how old he was and he said he was really 71. I gasped! “no fucking way“ is exactly what I said. And I would say it again. He had very few wrinkles. He had some non-distinct lines on his forehead as we all do over 60 or even over 50. He was in shape like you wouldn’t believe, and very good looking with a mop of grayish brown hair. And he didn’t act 71 at all. The reason that he came to see me was that he was with a woman who didn’t know how to have sex and really didn’t want to have sex. She didn’t even want to touch or kiss him. But he liked her in every other way. So I told him to stay with her and come see me every other week! I think that’s a perfect arrangement!!

2/7/24 My Apologies to My Readership

It has come to my attention that when I post a blog, my readers get two emails instead of just one. I want to apologize for this, and I will look into it. In the meantime, just delete one! And just be happy that I’m blogging a lot again!

2/7/24 He Also Thought He Could

I had a client a couple weeks ago, who was adamant that, even at his age of 60, he could perform twice in an hour. I called his bluff. And I knew from experience that whatever time the first go around takes, his second go-round was going to be twice as long. And it was. And he did give up. And I wanted to say “I told you so“ but that would’ve been rude. I just smiled and kept my mouth shut like a good little companion! Such a silly man. And who knows if he was even 60.

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