2/6/24 More About Only Fans

I was looking up information on how much I should charge for my subscription, and I ran across this OnlyFans Price List Example:

Content type



$4 – $50

PPV  – Image

$2 – $5

PPV  – Video

$10 – $15

Custom Image

$5 – $40

Custom Video

$8 per minute

Paid Messages

$1 per message

Feet Pic

$5 – $7


$2 – $3 a minute

Well, what I figured by looking at it, is that I’m right where I need to be and there is so much money to be made on this platform. Before I started sending list crawler ads to every major metropolitan city in the US, I was making about $200 a month. In the last 30 days I’ve made over $1000  and I don’t think there’s any stopping me. In addition to that, the more subscribers I have, the more renewals I will have. Plus I’m getting serious about putting out more content. It used to be that I would do videos every six months and now I’m thinking of doing them every month.  Maybe even more. Gotta love that passive income!

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