2/5/24 A Word About Taylor and Travis Baby

Yeah. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been waiting for me to write a blog about Taylor and Travis. My mother who is 93 calls Travis Kelce Travis Baby and Taylor Swift is Taylor Honey. As you well know, I have an opinion about most anything! And this subject is no different.

I want to address the issue of whether these two will actually make it or not. I lean towards thinking that they will. And these are the reasons why.

First off, they are both stars in their own right. Now, Taylor is a bigger star, but Travis is just as much a star in football as she is in Pop rock. and besides that, they are both very good at what they do. Which is, of course, why they are stars. There is nothing mediocre about either one of them. And they are wealthy beyond their needs and probably the needs of many many families. And I kind of like Taylor being with a professional athlete over some actor or musician that’s probably going to be mentally unstable! Travis comes across to me as someone who is very stable and very protective of her. I like that in a man. And I’ll bet she does too!

Second, they are both 34 years old. Travis is probably getting ready to retire in the next few years. And although Taylor is going very strong in her career, if she has any kind of biological clock whatsoever, it’s a-ticking! And she has talked in the past about wanting kids and wanting a marriage. She knows she’s not getting any younger. She also knows that she has made the rounds in dating in Hollywood and that didn’t go so well. See my note above on mental stability.

I’m rooting for these two and I’m sure my mother would too! I think they make a cute couple. I think she’s been great for the Chiefs. Even if it does get a little nauseating at times. I’ll bet more 87 jerseys have sold this year than ever before! I hope they keep going strong, and I hope we hear of an engagement ring. It will be a humdinger!

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