2/2/24 The 40-year-old Who Couldn’t

I am always amazed by men who are above 30, who think they can have MSOG twice in a half hour!  I’ve maybe encountered 2 to 3 of these guys who were able to in eight years of doing this.  Most cannot. The last guy was no exception. I always say, before we start, if your first one is fast, we may be able to get a second one in. But if your first is not fast, good luck!  I think he was really upset that it didn’t work like he thought it would. I tried to remind him that he was 40 and not 30. I think he knew after the first pop that he was not going to get erect again and he was definitely disappointed. But I didn’t set up that disappointment, he did. He obviously doesn’t know himself well enough to know that that’s not gonna happen. Of course, a lot of young guys don’t have the experience of MSOG so they don’t know that they can’t do two pops in a half hour. Now, this guy does.

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