New Blogs 2/22/24

2/22/24 I Deserve This!

Alex did one very important thing for me. He showed me that not only do I want more than what I have now, but that I deserve more than what I have now, in terms of a relationship. Now granted it did not work out, but here was this guy who I got along with, had amazing chemistry with and he accepted what I did.

I want that again and I deserve that. I’ve lost 110 pounds, I look great, I feel great, and I want to share that and myself with some very well deserving man. Might not be Alex. But I know he’s out there.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the connections I have with some of my clients. I like when they text me and we talk during the week, sometimes daily. I cherish my friends, but most of them are married. I would just love to meet a really sweet, appropriate, good looking older man to date and hopefully fall in love with. Is that so much to ask for?

Let me be more specific. I want that connection with an available man. Not with someone who’s married and not with someone who has a lot of problems. So I guess I’m looking for someone who is drama free and wanting a relationship and available for a relationship. Someone who likes to go out and have fun and stay in and have fun! Someone who doesn’t mind spending money on having a taste of the finer things in life, even if it’s not an every day occurrence. I believe life is to be enjoyed. I would love to find a man who has a life of his own, but wants a woman to complement it.

Someone who is warm and caring, and really doesn’t mind what I do for a living. Now I realize that last part will be difficult to come by. I’m not stupid. I realize that accepting what I do will be difficult. But I’m sure there are men out there who can look past it. Especially when they find out how much money I make. So if you’re reading this blog and you’re saying to yourself, this could be me, I would really like to hear from you. Please don’t start by telling me that you’d like to marry me, because that’s really old hat by now!

2/16/24 More Interesting Psychological “Facts”

  1. More than 60% of lonely people are married.

  2. Most women are attracted to men who possess a strong sense of humor, as it indicates increased intelligence and honesty.

  3. If you hold the hand of a person you love, it can help relieve physical pain, as well as stress and fear.

  4. A study of more than 4,000 people found that small acts of kindness were appreciated more than grand romantic gestures.

  5. If you’re looking for love at work, you might be looking in the right place. Four out of 10 office romances end in marriage. The other six out of ten end up in awkward confrontations with the water cooler.

  6. The half-life of a relationship is three to five months. If you don’t finish it after six months, you’ll be in this for life!

  7. When two lovers look into each other’s eyes, their heart rhythms also synchronize.

2/13/24 Just a Thought

I’ve been publishing these psychological “hacks“ for a while now, because I find them fascinating. Maybe it’s because I have a background in something akin to psychology.  But I want to add one more psychological factoid to the ones I’ve already published.

I believe when women like a man, they think about making love to them. But if a woman doesn’t like you, there’s no way in hell she is ever going to go there. And I think a lot of guys don’t get this. I think they think that if they just try harder, she will come around. Well I’m here to dispel this myth about men who try harder. There’s a reason you’re trying harder. She doesn’t like you and she doesn’t want to be with you. And a woman usually knows if they like someone the first time they meet them. They might not know it from texting or even talking on the phone, but once they meet you in person, they get a feeling. They either like you or they don’t.

After that first meeting, there isn’t much you can do about it. So, if you’re gonna try harder, try harder the first time you meet her. Show up nicely dressed, bathed and smelling nice. Definitely bring her a little something. A great card, a small bouquet of flowers, some candies, a book that you thought she would like. If you can tie it to something that the two of you have talked about, all the better. You get the idea.

And please, please, do not talk about yourself the entire time you are with her, because nothing will turn her off more than that. Well, maybe you popping out your fake eyeball would be worse (and yes, this has happened to me!). It should be give-and-take. If you talk about yourself, then you ask her “what about you…”. The whole meal or venue or walk around a lake should be about give and take. This is the time to be impressing her. Not after she decides that you’re a rude SOB, who likes to impress women with how much he has, who chews with his mouth open, and really has nothing to show for himself! Trust me when I say they are a dime a dozen.

Think about it this way. My mother always says to me that men are like street cars, they come around every 10 minutes. To put it in today’s terminology, there are a lot like Uber drivers. So think about that the next time you have the opportunity to connect with someone on a deeper basis than you usually do. I probably don’t speak for every woman out there, but I think most would say I’m spot on. And, I would love to hear from a reader of mine, who is a woman, to tell me what she thinks. So, enjoy your Hallmark holiday tomorrow and don’t forget the roses. I was lucky enough to get mine today!

2/13/24 Now Offering Appt Packages

This is really for my regular guys who want to see me at least three times. I offer $60 off for 3 half hour visits, $70 off for 3 45-minute visits, and $80 off for three hour visits. If you think you want to see me at least three times, this is a great savings for you!

2/12/24 What are some psychology facts about love?

  1. If you’re close to anyone, when you read their texts, you can hear their voice in your head.

  2. Sweet nothings work better whispered in the left ear.

  3. When you’re attracted to someone, you’re more likely to be drawn to how they smell.

  4. The more you care about someone, the worse you perform in front of them.

  5. During courtship, set the bar appropriately and the other person will love you more.

  6. Women tend to feel loved when talking face-to-face with their partners. Whereas men feel emotionally close when they play or talk side-by-side.

  7. Asking for someone’s opinion can make them like you more.

  8. When someone truly loves you, they tend to hug you for at least 5 seconds or more.

  9. The more you ignore the one you like, the more you will fall for them.

  10. A woman is more attracted to a man when she is uncertain about how much he likes her.

  11. When someone tries to impress you, it shows they already like you.

  12. People generally prefer an attractive face over an attractive body when they are looking for a long term relationship.

  13. We mimic the actions of people we’re attracted to.

  14. People choose partners whose chemical makeup complements their own. So someone with high levels of estrogen is likely to fall for someone with high levels of testosterone.

  15. A crush only lasts for a maximum of 4 months. If it exceeds, you’re already in love.

  16. If obstacles are placed in the way of your relationship, your feelings of love intensify and you want each other all the more.

  17. When you find out that someone likes you, a little part of you starts to like them back.

2/10/24 Dealbreakers

Bad teeth, no smile

Grossly overweight

Downright ugly

Young kids that they have halftime

Too many animals


Stupid or no education

Overly silly

Low paying job/bankruptcy

Moving too slow or too fast

Lives too far away

Doesn’t have the same interests as me

Ultra conservative

Too short or too tall

Is not tolerant of my job

Allergic to cats

No sense of humor

2/9/24 OMG Only Fans!

I am now placing ads in 25 metropolitan cities. My subscribers have tripled in the last month. My revenue stream has gone up tenfold since November. I’m looking at making $2000 this month passive income. I don’t think you can get much better than that, but I’m gonna try! I consider this my second job now. When I’m not busy with a client I am placing ads every 15 minutes. That’s the time that you have to wait between ads on list crawler. So I set my timer and I’m on top of it. Why I didn’t think of this two years ago is beyond me, but I’m glad I finally did.

2/8/24 The Truth About a Woman

Just because you get thousands of likes on your profile picture will not keep a woman.

Being honest about things in your past will not keep a woman.

Being faithful and loyal since day one doesn’t keep a woman.

Treating a woman better than she’s ever been treated before doesn’t keep a woman.

Making an effort every single day to make sure she knows you truly care will not keep a woman.

Giving her all of your time that you can spare, doesn’t keep a woman.

You could have the best intentions in the world and could have the most sincere feelings, and you could be the most perfect man in existence and you still wouldn’t be able to keep a woman.

The only way to keep a woman is if that woman wants to be kept by you.

With a woman, you can tell she wants to be kept when the relationship gets very hard and she does everything to fight for you.

A woman only fights for a man she wants to belong to, so if she isn’t fighting for you when things get hard, then that means she doesn’t want to be kept by you anymore.

The truth im trying to make is, Don’t hold on to a woman who doesn’t want to be kept by you.

You’re not giving up on her. It’s quite the opposite.

It’s her who gave up on you, and it’s you who shouldn’t waste any more of your time than you already have.

Know when it’s time to let go, know when it’s time to walk away, and know when it’s time for her to be unkept.

2/8/24 Alex

Well, you might have noticed if you read my blogs regularly that I took all the blogs down about Alex. I did this because I didn’t want to put out that energy to the universe and I felt that they were depressing blogs that I didn’t really want anybody else reading. I have since found out that he does not want a relationship or a friendship with me. He has shown me this through his actions. And actions speak louder than words. so we are not talking, and I doubt we ever will again. I basically got bamboozled by this guy and I learned a lot about how to approach a relationship. I will not make the same mistakes I made with him. Of course, he omitted to tell me that he had a drinking problem, and quite honestly, I don’t think there’s much you can do about a recovering alcoholic especially when they’re not even 30 days sober. I know I’m much better off for leaving this relationship. 

2/8/24 Update on my gastric bypass

I was going to entitle this blog, I Sag! But I didn’t want people to not read it! As a result of losing 110 pounds, can I just say that I look great in clothes, I am way more healthy and will probably live longer and I feel better. But, the part about looking better naked is suspect. I do sag. My boobs have lost a cup and I feel like they’re down to my bellybutton. Of course they aren’t but you know what I mean. My stomach is smaller, but it still sags. My arms sag, my thighs sag, my butt sags, even my pussy sags!  I thought about having a tummy tuck done in Mexico. A client told me that he had a gastric bypass there and it went really well and they were a very professional outfit in Cancun. That would make me a lot happier and somewhat poorer. Not sure if that’s a word. At any rate, I am who I am. My body is what it is. And when I ask clients, who have known me since I was fat, whether I look better fat or skinny, they always say skinny. Or they say they like me at both weights. Which is actually very nice to hear.

2/8/24 You Can’t Force Intimacy

Even with an escort! I was with a man last night, who was very sweet, very generous, and very married. But what creeped me out about him was that he treated me like he’d known me six months and we had been dating that long. He had no boundaries around what might be appropriate with me on our first date. He wanted me to treat him like we were boyfriend and girlfriend. Well, that was his fantasy, not mine. I suppose I have walls and boundaries set up so that I don’t feel creeped out, and most men do not do this to me. I usually have to do a little coaxing with them, but they never want to just give give give. That was what was up with this guy. I think when we were texting, I started to get the feeling of it being too soon and too much. Kind of like my last relationship. But this guy was married and it wasn’t gonna go anywhere. I certainly was not going to get into a relationship with a married man, I’ve done that and I will not go back. Horrible, horrible experience. So, in the end, I made him leave early. It wasn’t just that he creeped me out, it was more that I was exhausted, and having trouble keeping my eyes open. But even if I wasn’t exhausted, I would’ve let him leave. He gladly took the money that I offered him. I think what I’m going to take from this is to recognize through texts where a person is coming from. If I’m kind of creeped out in their texts, I’m going to be creeped out by them. It doesn’t happen often, but last night was a very good example.

2/8/24 Relationship Truths

1. If love was enough, every relationship would have a 100% success rate.

2. Bad relationships change good people.

3. Toxic is when they can’t let you go, but they can’t treat you right either.

4. Authentic love may be unconditional but it does not mean unconditional tolerance.

5. You can take your power back by letting people go.

6. The moment that you start to wonder if you deserve better, you do.

7. Sometimes rejection is redirection towards something better.

8. Healthy relationships include uncomfortable conversations.

9. Loyalty behind your back is really top tier.

10. Kindness is not flirting.

  • Attention is not love.

  • Silence is not anger

2/8/24 Hawaii Man is Back!

Well, it’s kind of a funny story. I blocked Hawaii after we “broke up“ and then later I decided to unblock him. Well, he tried to get in touch with me when I had blocked him and couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t contacting him back. And then, one day after I unblocked him, he sent me a text. And that was all she wrote. I mean we’re not back to where we were, but he did send me the most gorgeous decorated egg, and I love these. He had also sent me a gorgeous robe from the Wynn hotel. And he has been very generous with me in the past. We have talked about me going to Hawaii for another work vacation, but I’m not sure I wanna fly that far. We had also talked about us going to Las Vegas and staying at the Wynn hotel. I don’t know if any of this will happen but I’m glad that we’re back talking. I had missed him. He missed me too. I think it just goes to show that when you’ve known somebody two years and you care for them, silly, stupid arguments can be forgiven and forgotten.

2/7/24  71 Going On 61

You might have this preconceived notion that 71-year-olds are old people and look like old people, you would be sorely mistaken with this client that I had the other day. We laughed almost the entire time we were together. I was in rare form. Everything I said was funny. Like I said, rare form. But I digress. This man told me upfront that he was 61, but when I met him I asked him how old he was and he said he was really 71. I gasped! “no fucking way“ is exactly what I said. And I would say it again. He had very few wrinkles. He had some non-distinct lines on his forehead as we all do over 60 or even over 50. He was in shape like you wouldn’t believe, and very good looking with a mop of grayish brown hair. And he didn’t act 71 at all. The reason that he came to see me was that he was with a woman who didn’t know how to have sex and really didn’t want to have sex. She didn’t even want to touch or kiss him. But he liked her in every other way. So I told him to stay with her and come see me every other week! I think that’s a perfect arrangement!!

2/7/24 My Apologies to My Readership

It has come to my attention that when I post a blog, my readers get two emails instead of just one. I want to apologize for this, and I will look into it. In the meantime, just delete one! And just be happy that I’m blogging a lot again!

2/7/24 He Also Thought He Could

I had a client a couple weeks ago, who was adamant that, even at his age of 60, he could perform twice in an hour. I called his bluff. And I knew from experience that whatever time the first go around takes, his second go-round was going to be twice as long. And it was. And he did give up. And I wanted to say “I told you so“ but that would’ve been rude. I just smiled and kept my mouth shut like a good little companion! Such a silly man. And who knows if he was even 60.

2/6/24 More About Only Fans

I was looking up information on how much I should charge for my subscription, and I ran across this OnlyFans Price List Example:

Content type



$4 – $50

PPV  – Image

$2 – $5

PPV  – Video

$10 – $15

Custom Image

$5 – $40

Custom Video

$8 per minute

Paid Messages

$1 per message

Feet Pic

$5 – $7


$2 – $3 a minute

Well, what I figured by looking at it, is that I’m right where I need to be and there is so much money to be made on this platform. Before I started sending list crawler ads to every major metropolitan city in the US, I was making about $200 a month. In the last 30 days I’ve made over $1000  and I don’t think there’s any stopping me. In addition to that the more subscribers I have, the more renewals I will have. Plus I’m getting serious about putting out more content. It used to be that I would do videos every six months and now I’m thinking of doing them every month.  Maybe even more. Gotta love that passive income!

2/5/24 A Word About Taylor and Travis Baby

Yeah. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been waiting for me to write a blog about Taylor and Travis. My mother who is 93 calls Travis Kelce Travis Baby and Taylor Swift is Taylor Honey. As you well know, I have an opinion about most anything! And this subject is no different.

I want to address the issue of whether these two will actually make it or not. I lean towards thinking that they will. And these are the reasons why.

First off, they are both stars in their own right. Now, Taylor is a bigger star, but Travis is just as much a star in football as she is in Pop rock. and besides that, they are both very good at what they do. Which is, of course, why they are stars. There is nothing mediocre about either one of them. And they are wealthy beyond their needs and probably the needs of many many families. And I kind of like Taylor being with a professional athlete over some actor or musician that’s probably going to be mentally unstable! Travis comes across to me as someone who is very stable and very protective of her. I like that in a man. And I’ll bet she does too!

Second, they are both 34 years old. Travis is probably getting ready to retire in the next few years. And although Taylor is going very strong in her career, if she has any kind of biological clock whatsoever, it’s a-ticking! And she has talked in the past about wanting kids and wanting a marriage. She knows she’s not getting any younger. She also knows that she has made the rounds in dating in Hollywood and that didn’t go so well. See my note above on mental stability.

I’m rooting for these two and I’m sure my mother would too! I think they make a cute couple. I think she’s been great for the Chiefs. Even if it does get a little nauseating at times. I’ll bet more 87 jerseys have sold this year than ever before! I hope they keep going strong, and I hope we hear of an engagement ring. It will be a humdinger!

2/2/24 The 40-year-old Who Couldn’t

I am always amazed by men who are above 30, who think they can have MSOG twice in a half hour!I’ve maybe encountered 2 to 3 of these guys who were able to in eight years of doing this.Most cannot. The last guy was no exception. I always say, before we start, if your first one is fast, we may be able to get a second one in. But if your first is not fast, good luck!I think he was really upset that it didn’t work like he thought it would. I tried to remind him that he was 40 and not 30. I think he knew after the first pop that he was not going to get erect again and he was definitely disappointed. But I didn’t set up that disappointment, he did. He obviously doesn’t know himself well enough to know that that’s not gonna happen. Of course, a lot of young guys don’t have the experience of MSOG so they don’t know that they can’t do two pops in a half hour. Now, this guy does.

2/2/24 Advice on Being Safe

  • The only cop that will ever bust you is an undercover police person, and they will never tell you if they are a cop or not. So there’s no reason to ask a provider if they are a cop.

  • Never talk about sex on text. You can talk about money. But you cannot talk about sex and money.

  • If you want to verify if a provider is a cop or not, ask her to show you her boob or kiss you, because no female cop will do that.

  • If a provider asks you what you like to do sexually, this could be a way of getting you to talk about sex. Do not go there, whether over a text or in person.

  • Your best bet is to see a provider at either a house, or an apartment as the police do not use these to do stings.

2/2/24 Ten Truths about Life

  1. You are not going to exist forever. You’re just a tiny speck in this vast universe and your time in this world is limited.

  2. Anything harsh said to a loved one in anger leaves a permanent scar, no matter how much you try to bandage it.

  3. Health is the most important wealth you can acquire. No matter how much gold you own, it can not quell the torture of an illness.

  4. Every old person was once as old as you are today. Time stops for none.

  5. Things which are most important for you today might be worthless tomorrow. Avoid spending money on urges.

  6. Something as simple as saying sorry first can prevent countless disputes. It is not a sign of weakness.

  7. Many times, who your friends are determines who you become.

  8. To become good at conversation, learn to be a good listener first.

  9. Luck favours those who don’t give up.

  10. Be grateful if you have a roof for shelter, clean water for drinking , food on your table and a healthy functioning body. Try to imagine the absence of even one of these in your life.

2/1/24 Sometimes I Simply Amaze Myself!

Make no doubt about it, not only am I smart, but I am a marketing genius!! I wrote in a blog earlier, that I was thinking of putting ads in other cities to advertise my Only Fans page (only  Well I have now placed ads in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Portland, Minneapolis, Detroit, Chicago, New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Miami, Dallas, Houston and Omaha, Nebraska.

Now, you may be wondering why Omaha. Well I am planning a trip there in the near future and this is a good way to kind of get known in that market. I did a search of the largest metropolitan areas and this is the list it came up with.  And list crawler lets you place any ad anywhere every 15 minutes. So, when I’m not busy, which is a lot of the time, I’m placing ads in other cities for my only fans page!

OMG, my only fan sales went from $200 two months ago to over $900 in January. Passive income, mind you. Just to have an extra thousand a month is an extra 12,000 a year. Well worth my time and trouble to place all those ads. And I’ve even heard back from a few of the guys that they loved my website and my only fans page and couldn’t wait for me to come to their city! I wish so much that I could take the credit for having figured this one out but it was actually another providers ad in Kansas City that clued me into this.

1/28/24 About to Self Publish

I’m about to self publish my blogs as soon as I figure out how to do it!I compiled them into a 253 page book, and I was completely astounded. I couldn’t believe how many I had written, and I couldn’t believe how far I had come. I hope if you read all 530 some blogs of mine, you realize that I have come a far way too. This truly is a crazy occupation and I am a crazy fool for having undertook it, but I wouldn’t change 90% of it! Stay tuned for more details, and if you know anything about self publishing, please get in touch with me.


I would love to have a review from you if you have seen me in the last six months and had a good time with me. You can reach them on escort Babylon by going to the link on my website. Please do not go to my new ad  and leave it there. After you have left a review, please let me know your ID on list crawler, and I will be happy to give you a discount at your next visit!

1/27/24 No more appointments ahead of time for newbies

God, I am so sick of all of these no-shows from appointments that were scheduled the night before. Why is it that grown men can’t even text you to say they have to cancel? As of right now, I will not be scheduling any appointments in advance unless I have seen you more than once. No-shows are so fucked up!

1/23/24 New Rates

As of 2/1/24 my rates will change. Not by much. I will no longer be doing any quick visits and the least amount that I will accept is $120 for a half hour or less. My hourly appointment will go up to $220. I have not made a rate change since June 2022 and I think with my new pictures, a rate change is warranted!


  1. People who never accept their mistakes.

  2. People who don’t help you when you ask them.

  3. People who gossip with everyone.

  4. People who act differently around others.

  5. People who are never sorry about their rude behavior.

  6. People who tell you other people’s secrets.

  7. People who bad-mouth their ex.

  8. People who do bad to others to feel good themselves.

  9. People who become jealous of others’ success.

  10. People who’re always busy or stuck when you need them.

1/22/24 Dear Diary

I always ask people if they read my blogs, and the guys in St. Louis were no different. But when one man told me that reading my blogs was like reading someone’s diary, I was kind of taken aback. And I’m not really sure if he meant this to be a compliment or something derogatory. But it truly made me think that he was onto something. I guess my blogs do sound like a diary. Now I just have to decide how I feel about that. I know that I’m very transparent and very honest with my thoughts and feelings. And I would not want it any other way. But I’m not sure how I feel about my blogs being called my diary. I get that a diary is your innermost thoughts and feelings about your life. And I will say that I don’t share every little thing about my life with you. But I do share a lot. And I think the only way that I can do this is to not think about how other people will take my blogs. I write to get things off my chest. It’s as simple as that.And I think the majority of you can tell that that’s what I do. I like the fact that I can share with you what I’m going through. And I like to think that my sharing with you will help you also. Or at least you’ll get a chuckle or a smile or a deep thought from my blogs. At any rate, diary or no, I’m not stopping.

1/21/24 St. Louis

I have often written about St. Louis, but never in the glowing terms that I am going to write today. I absolutely had a wonderful time. I maintained a positive attitude the whole time. There was one night that I was really worn out and really sore and the best thing for me to do was just to get a good nights sleep. And it’s not like I didn’t have no-shows. But I had 22 appointments and five no-shows out of them. So I saw 17 guys in three days. That’s high volume. In Kansas City, I’m low volume. But then, I go to St. Louis and this time I got booked for three days in three days!I was miss popularity. And for the most part, the no-shows were guys that had not booked with me beforehand.I had a few cancellations beforehand, but none of this deterred me. I had a really nice time seeing my mother and I plan to go back in February for her birthday and work for a day and a half. I’ll also be there in March. I just want to thank my St. Louis clients for a great weekend!

1/19/24 Alex

I met Alex through my ads on the Internet. He’s been watching me for a year until he got up the courage to text me. He told me that he wanted to marry me in that first conversation and, to say the least, I was a bit overwhelmed.  We hit it off famously and three weeks felt like three months. But after those first three weeks, I discovered that he was an alcoholic. He binges, and this binge almost killed him, but he went to the hospital to detox. He feels that he does not have another detox in him and, as such, he is going into AA and has two sponsors already plus a peer counselor.  He’s going to do 90 meetings in 90 days which is standard for AA. To say the least, he has been in very bad pain, and he kind of messed his body up. But when you’re drinking that much poison, that’s going to be the end result. We are talking daily, and I have let him know that his recovery is the most important thing to him right now. I have offered to be his friend and possibly his lover, but that is on the back burner. I totally get that he needs to work on himself and get right with himself first. I still have all the feelings I ever had. But I am holding off a bit due to my need for self preservation and to see what he does in the next 90 days.

So I guess you could say I have 1 foot in and 1 foot out and that’s OK by me. I think he counts himself lucky that I want to have anything to do with him. But I’ve met my fair share of men, as you well know, and I seriously have not met someone whom I thought could be my person the way that Alex could be my person. You know you’ve got something good when you’re willing to go to Al-Anon for someone! Wish me luck…

Update: Alex and I have decided just to stay friends because his priorities right now are to get immersed into AA and get sober, emotionally and physically and really work the program. We chat daily, but nothing like it was.

1/18/24  7 Uncomfortable Truths We All Need To Accept

  1. You should either have a supportive partner or no partner. There’s no third option.

  2. If someone can’t tell you their flaws, they have a dangerous lack of self awareness.

  3. The best revenge is getting yourself to a place where you no longer care about revenge.

  4. Just because a relationship has lasted a long time doesn’t mean it’s working.

  5. Self respect comes from self control. You’ll never respect yourself if you’re a slave to people pleasing and external validation.

  6. Don’t let your time and energy leak from social media, overthinking, and meaningless relationships.

  7. If you always think your happiness is somewhere else, it’ll never be where you are.

1/18/24 Encouraging Intimacy in your Post-menopausal Wife 

You may think by the title of this blog, that I’ve gone out of my freaking gourd, but trust me, you wanna hear what I have to say. Especially if you find yourself in the position as 80% of my clients can attest to. Your wife went through menopause and you no longer have sex at home. You’ve made the wise decision to find a provider who can meet your needs for intimacy in a safe and non-emotional manner. Now what you need to hear from me is that, if you play your cards right, you might be able to convince your wife to at least share some small intimacies with you. I hate to have to be the one to tell you this, but she is never going to want to have sex again, especially if she has cut you off completely.  If she hasn’t cut you off completely then you don’t need to read this blog necessarily.

What you need to hear, if you don’t have any chance at having sex again, is that you can still have intimacy between the two of you. But one essential thing has to happen first. You have to convince her that any intimacy between the two of you will NOT lead to sex. The reason she is not intimate with you is because she’s worried that if she is, you will think this is the greenlight and the go ahead to have sex! And she’s probably right! And if all you want is to have sex then you need to find it somewhere else. But, if you want to have some sort of intimacy with your wife, you will have to convince her, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that anything the two of you do, will not lead to sex.

Now, there may be plenty of other things that you miss, but let’s start here. If I were in your position, knowing that my wife wants to not have sex at any cost, I would start with the following: “Dear, I would really like to sit on the couch with you tonight, and hold hands. I don’t want to start anything sexual with you. That is not where I’m coming from. I simply want to sit on the couch next to you and hold your hand. I promise you it will not lead to sex! What do you think about this? Do you think you’d like to sit on the couch and hold my hand tonight? Do you trust me when I tell you that it will not lead to sex?”.  And there you have it. It can be as easy as this, and as she feels more comfortable, knowing full well that whatever the two of you do, it will not lead to intercourse, she may open up to you and she may even initiate after some time. But make no doubt about it. She does not want to have sex. If she wanted to have sex after menopause, she would have looked into hormone replacement therapy or testosterone cream, or even Viagra, which they are now prescribing for women with sexual dysphoria. I truly believe this could work, but it all hinges  on how convincing you can be in telling her that this will not lead to sex! And need I say that if you make any reference to having sex during this time of intimacy, you will have ruined pretty much everything. Nothing like having a little control. Find someone safe to lose control with. The whole point of this blog is to impress upon you, that you can still have intimacy without having sex. But please, don’t make the mistake of thinking that, just because you are intimate means she wants to have anything to do with sex. Trust me when I say that she does not. If you need other ideas about how to increase intimacy, come and talk to me.

1/16/24 A Word About

You might want to do the following if you see someone’s ad that you haven’t seen before. What you do is click on the little box that says more pics and reviews from within the ad. This takes you to what is basically their profile where you can see their old pictures, their old posts , when they came on the system and when they last posted and also their reviews and their comments. The part of this that I want you to take a good look at is their old pictures. The reason I want you to look here is because if you see more than one person‘s pictures, this ad is probably a scam. Women pay other women to put their ads on their account. It doesn’t sound like a scam, but there’s gotta be a reason that some women cannot advertise on The other thing you want to check out is their info tab. Under here you can see how long they have been on the site and a lot of times these women have been on maybe a day or so. I would personally stay away from these women. It could be a guy who is simply using women’s photos and scamming lots of men out of deposits.

The other things you should always remember are:

  1. The Asians you see in the ads are not who you see in real life. Most of the ads say this now.

  2. Twenty-somethings are never worth it, except if you want to be able to see a banging body. This is because they’re rude, have attitude, and are mostly on methamphetamine.

  3. Older women know what they’re doing, are true pleasers, and rarely ever give you drama.

  4. Never ever give a deposit, unless it’s a fairly small amount that will show the provider that you are legitimate. Deposits for legitimacy should never be more than $25.

1/15/24 Bored in the house and I’m in the house bored!

Happy Martin King day! Where would we be now without him? Would we have the civil liberties that we have today? Would somebody else have taken his place eventually?

Now see, this is not what I wanted to talk about. I want to talk about how boring this weather is. It’s putting a damper on me and my business! How dare the heavens throw down this much snow and this bitter cold? Gosh, I felt so sorry for those poor over-paid football players yesterday. But it was a great game and it was nice to see a great game for once in a while. I can’t really complain. I had a pretty good week last week, even though it was snowy and bitterly cold, and I’m going to St. Louis this week, and it’s going to be the best week I have ever had there. Once again, I am simply amazed at the fallout my new pictures have created. I booked three days in St. Louis in less than three days. That never happens. And so far, all but about three guys have confirmed. Usually at this point, I’m wondering if I should even go. Because I may have only heard back from 1/2 to 2/3 of the guys who made appointments.

Sometimes I can be really dense. Like take for example, why didn’t I put out new pictures earlier? Why did it take me so long to figure out that I should put my only fans link in all my ads? OMG, my only fan sales have gone through the roof. Sometimes I have to wonder about where my head is at.Any good businesswoman would know to put her only fans link in her ads, and yet most of the girls who have only fans only mention that they have only fans instead of putting the link right there! So I guess I’m in good company when I say that I’m not so bright sometimes!

But I do learn. And one thing I saw the other day that interested the heck out of me was this woman/provider who was advertising in cities that were not her own just for her only fans content. And maybe for video chatting and worn panties (which I’m about to start selling), who knows what else. I didn’t even read the ad. The title simply said her name/content only. Now of course I would put more in my title, but it doesn’t cost to put ads in other cities. And it could be how I start to fly to other cities. But then I would have to raise my rates. And, I can just raise them for touring, so it may be something to look into. Or, on the other hand, it may go nowhere. In this business, one never knows. But you won’t know until you try.

Can I just say that I hope your day is going better than mine? And God rest your soul because your memory is a blessing to all, Martin Luther King.

1/13/24 Saying of the week

You cannot be good at anything in life, unless you enjoy doing it!

So when I am asked if I enjoy what I do, I simply reply “am I good at it?”. And, of course, the resounding answer is yes. And so is my answer also!

1/13/24 New Years Resolutions

I did pretty well on my New Year’s resolutions from 2023 so here they are for 2024.

  1. Maintain my weight loss.

  2. Meet a man who will become my boyfriend.

  3. Exercise three times a week.

  4. Stay out of the hospital.

  5. Make more than I did in 2023.

  6. Increase my stable of regulars.

  7. Build up my savings.

  8. And continue to be happy, healthy, and wise.

1/12/24 Interesting Client Story # 397 or I thought I had heard everything!

Oh, my word. This truck driver came to see me today and told me that he had been married 10 times! I kid you not! Two of them were double marriages, but eight of them were not. The shortest marriage was three months and the longest marriage was five years. And this man believes that if he had been allowed to marry his high school sweetheart, he would’ve never gotten married again. I told him that was foolish, thinking from a man who had been married 10 times. I asked him why the majority of them did not work out and his response was that he didn’t have enough money for these women.

He was easily a multimillionaire with a trucking company of 25 trucks and 50 to 100 trailers and one wife took it all. She got the mansion, she got a big settlement of a couple hundred thousand and she got all the trucks. She was a meth head who went through all that money in one year and now she’s dead. I always say that what goes around comes around.

We talked a lot about the ones he remarried because that was what interested me the most. And it wasn’t like he got married after knowing them for three months. Most of these women he dated at least one year and then on average, he was with them less than a year married. I told him that marriage was the kiss of death for him! He agreed. He also told me that he basically was an alcoholic in his earlier years and he quit completely 15 years ago at the age of 41. So I’m thinking that alcohol played a big role and he acknowledged that most of his marriages were when he was drinking. I’m sure you know what I’m getting at. One of his remarriages was with a fellow alcoholic. He married her after knowing her more than a year, and they lasted six months, waited another year and got remarried for six months. The other remarriage was a little bit different in that he knew her the same amount of time, but they were married for a year got divorced unmarried for three months and then got back together for another year. At least I think I have that right. My head was kind of spinning.I just had to blog about this guy because I’ve never heard of anyone being married 10 times besides maybe Elizabeth Taylor. He told me that she had been married 12 times. Go figure.

1/3/24 My Conversation with Another Provider

Me: hi, I’m wondering why you put an ad on list crawler saying that you won’t see new clients. Don’t understand why anybody would do that.

Her: it’s because I was assaulted, and I don’t need to see anybody new

Me: oh, I’m so sorry to hear that. Can I ask how old the guy was?

Her: he was 40 and he hit me in my head several times and then punched me in my gut and I had a severe concussion and I probably should get a CAT scan.

Me: was he black or white?

Her: he was mixed

Me: then I would not see any black or mixed men ever again.

Her: I don’t plan on it.

After talking to her for a little while, posing as a possible new client, she wanted to see a picture of my dick. She said that cops could not send a picture of their dick because they didn’t know if she was a minor.

I found this to be very interesting. Especially since I’m always wanting to understand what cops can and cannot do. So, after she told me this, I googled it and basically cops can do whatever they need to do if they’re in an active sting. I pretty much figured this, but it helped to Google it. So I sent her a picture of a dick I found off of Google and she accepted that. She then told me her rates, which were very high, especially since she doesn’t even show her face in her ads. And the fact that she doesn’t show her face is how she can say that the cops don’t know her age. I gave her some advice that her ad was very angry, and she might want to just tone it down a bit. She then said she would be happy to see me even though I was brand new.

You can’t blame her for being as careful as she can be. But you can see from her ad that she doesn’t even know who her regulars are. And the thing about regulars is that they don’t necessarily stay a regular. This is why you take new clients because you hope they will become a regular! I have never been assaulted in the eight years I have done this. She thought going four years without being assaulted was a good thing. I don’t think ever being assaulted, for any reason is a good thing. Update 2/1/24:  She is back seeing anyone who wants to see her and she works all sorts of hours which tells me she’s prob on Meth.  I’m seriously thinking that, whoever assaulted her, came to see her at night.  Which is why I like to quit at 7!