• Be Respectful! I am a real person and should be treated as such!

  • Do not ask me to negotiate my rates or bend my rules

  • Do not be rude, attempt to discuss details/rates, engage me in graphic convo or send pics (unless I ask for one).

  • I do not accept private/blocked calls.

  • Do not ask for info that is already available 

    • Shows that you’re unable to follow instructions & is a waste of both our time

  • Do not come intoxicated or bring any illegal substances.  Please do not bring any firearms or weapons into my home.

  • No photos/videos – my photos are updated frequently (If you have photo/video fetish, they will be taken on my device only).

    • No recording/taking pics unless discussed beforehand.

  • Do not attempt to discuss illegal activities.

  • Smokers ~ I do not smoke please freshen up before our visit.

  • If I feel you need a shower or you would like to take one, please do not hesitate! I provide towels and toiletries!

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