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11/4/23 $500 Hookers

Man, what a life! If you go on, you will see a whole bunch of $500 hookers! And what you will notice about them is that they are always traveling. Can you imagine a $500 hooker having a regular clientele? Who would pay $500 for an hour even if it’s completely blissful? I’ll tell you who! These women are on somebody’s bucket list. And they must have enough guys that have them on their bucket list to go and travel. And they might actually have some regular clients as they travel, but I know from traveling that that’s probably every other month. And when you’re spending $500 for an hour, every other month is probably all you can do unless you are quite independently wealthy! And here’s an interesting factoid: I once asked a pimp how much a high dollar escort makes in a day and he quoted me 1.5 times what they charge!  So they will see 3 clients in two days.  I still wonder if that’s the truth or not.

11/4/23 The Worst

Everybody always asks me to write about clients, and I only will if I have some thing to say! Well, I have something to say. This guy came in hunched over, and I asked him what was wrong, and he said his sciatica. First off, who goes to see an escort when they’re in pain? So I get him back to my back bedroom and he does not get undressed. So I had to coach him in that. Then he wants me to perform my specialty and he tries to tell me how to do it. And I know damn well that how I’m doing it is not going to work. I’ve been doing this for eight years and I’ve seen enough men to know better. So we switch to full service and he can’t stay hard so he takes off the condom and I’m like “what the fuck!”!  You just don’t do that. Finally,I give him a hand job, which is not my specialty, but I do what I can. Finally finally our time runs out. What a fucking waste. I try to feel bad for him, but it was very hard. He was very disrespectful and did not want to follow my rules, and I was simply not having it. The only good thing is that I know I’ll never see him again.

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