10/28/23 What a Freaking Fuckhead!

Let me just say that I will never do an outcall to Platte City ever again.  There is absolutely nothing up there and the guy that I went to see today reminded me of this.  When I got there, I walked into a hotel room full of clothes and shit!  And, to boot, he had no donation for me.  He said that we could go to the ATM across the street and he would give it to me after we were done!  I told him where he could go.  I drove over 25 minutes there and back for no goddamn reason and I’m pissed!  So from now on, I’m going to have to make sure that all of my outcalls understand that the donation is upfront.  Why one bad person can rock the boat this much is simply unbelievable, but that’s part of this business and it’s the part that I hate.  Please note!  I will only do outcalls to downtown and airport upscale hotels.  Sometimes, I really hate this occupation.  I will say, though, that 99.9% of the outcalls I do go just fine and are with upscale clients.  This was a bad apple and I will not go to Platte City again.  I should’ve known better.

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