10/19/23 $800 a month

A guy recently got in touch with me through my website wanting to date me and take me away from the life that I live. So upfront, I suggested that I would need $800 a month to live on.  He balked. But not really right away. He kind of lead me on to believe he would do this and I didn’t think $800 a month was that much to ask for but I guess it was. He told me today that he doesn’t want to buy my love, and I told him he would not be buying my love. He would be buying my happiness! Then I suggested that he just be OK with what I do and we can pursue things. He’s too jealous and insecure to accept that what I do is my job. I’ve dated guys in the past that knew what I did and were OK with it. There were other mitigating factors as to why I didn’t keep dating them, but it wasn’t because of what I do. And as much as I want to understand where this man is coming from, it hurts to not be accepted for who I am. And I’m not giving up my standard of living for some guy who can’t afford $800 a month! I should’ve known that it was too good to be true…

So a question, dear readers. Was I wrong to ask for $800 a month? Is it too much to ask for? Do you think he would be buying my love with $800 a month? I told him that if he thinks a woman costs less than $800 a month, he would be wrong. But I think the fact that I make way more money than he does affected him. It’s a shame because I’m a great woman who happens to have a precarious job, but I’m not leaving it for any man who’s insecure and jealous.


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