10/11/23 Funny Dating Stories

10/11/23 Funny Dating Stories #1

So I’m on POF and I’m getting a lot of interest. This one guy gets in touch with me. He’s really cute and as we talk, he seems really nice. Everything is going swimmingly and I’m feeling like I might’ve found the right person. Then the first shoe drops . He has one day off, Mondays, and he’s on call. He has to go in to handle something on his day off. Definitely not a good sign. Then he tells me that he only works nights. The plot thickens. I’m starting to think that he should’ve put this in his profile. Go figure. Find out he doesn’t even have a break at work. He told me that he was his employers bitch, and I’m starting to think he is. So during the day when I’m working, he’s working out. At night when I’m not working, he’s not talking to me. Can you read the writing on the wall? I’m pretty sure I’m gonna tell him to find someone else who is more into workaholics.  Stay tuned for more because the dating world doesn’t get much funnier or crazier.  If I had a dime for every workaholic I’ve talked to on dating sites, I would be rich by now. OK that’s a stretch, but you know what I mean.

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