11/7/23 Interesting Client Stories #361

361? Really? Well, maybe if I had written down all the interesting and funny clients stories that I’ve encountered in eight years, I would have 361 of them! But as it is, and with my memory, I tend to forget, and not write it down. And actually, this is no different than any other time, but , the person that I’m going to write about is different and therefore, very able to be remembered!  He came to me like any other client does, but that’s where things diverge, so to speak. The first thing I found out is that his wife is more sexual than he is. And they’re both in their 60s. So you know me, I had to pry and what I found out was amazing. She picked me for him! She went through the ads, knowing he was going to be in Kansas City on business and told him to look me up. And then we got into crazy stories about casual swinging and her bi-curiousness, and how I would fit into that.  It was a wild ride and it ended with him asking me if I would be OK with going on vacation with them. To which, I was positively intrigued. Of course, I’ve never heard anything more but it’s only been a week or so. She was going out for girls while he was going out for me and I would love to hear how that all turned out.


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