St. Louis, dating and marijuana.

11/16/23. St. Louis was very good to me!

I think I was Miss Popularity this past weekend in St. Louis. I had one no-show, which is unheard of, and too many appointments to list on here. I tend to be a very low volume provider in Kansas City, but in St. Louis, I kind of have to pack them in. I’m only there for two days and then I go see my mother. And this time I had more takers than appointment times.  What a good feeling to know that I am wanted! And if you didn’t know this before, that’s a big plus to what I do. Every time I make an appointment and it’s kept, I know they wanted me! So I felt very wanted in St. Louis and now I’m really looking forward to going back and I will be going back probably January 18/19 (wink wink).

11/16/23 Strung Along Again!

I’m telling you, dating at my age is kind of ludicrous! Three times in a row, and within about the span of a month, I have talked with three different men and each one has strung me along. The first one told me after a week of talking that he was not ready for a relationship yet. The next one told me, after a week of the same, that he was dating another woman. The third one told me after a week of solid straight talking during the day and night, that he was in love with another woman! What is wrong with me that I am attracting these kind of guys? Or is it just dumb luck? At any rate, I’m sick of it! I’m gonna start asking guys: Are you in love with another woman? Are you ready for another relationship? And are you dating anybody else? They’ll probably look at me like I’m crazy and maybe I am. I think you have to be a little crazy to be in the dating market these days. And it’s not just my age. I hear it from a lot of different people of all different ages. The online dating scene is a joke. Period.

11/16/23 Another Good Use for Marijuana

well, I came home from St. Louis with a terrible stomach ache. I wanted to tell you that when you have a stomach ache, you should run, not walk, to your local dispensary, and get either gummies or weed and a pipe and a lighter! This is because marijuana makes your stomach pain go away. It also produces a substance called Gherlin which makes you get hungry when you smoke marijuana. Your stomach never feels full. So it helps numb your stomach so that the pain goes away and it helps make you hungry, which is kind of important.  It also helps with nausea due to the same mechanism.  Besides that, the euphoria is awfully nice! And now Ohio has legalized it also. Yay!

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