11/25/23 Deposits

I used to think that deposits were all scams, and for the most part, they are! Especially when the woman asking for them has an hourly charge that is the same as the deposit. So basically she wants to be paid upfront with no services ever to be rendered. But then there are the deposits that are asked for by these $500 escorts and that I can understand. If you feel you’re worth that much than any guy who’s gonna pay that much should be willing to pay a deposit to be able to see you. They can tell that you’re legit based on your profile, your P411, your erotic review rating etc. but as for my self, I try not to go that route unless I feel like my time might be wasted. So, for example, if a guy wants to book an extended period of time with me and wants to have me not see anybody before him, I will ask for a $200 deposit. That’s based on a $500-$800 outing with him. And, from now on, if I am asked to travel more than 20 miles, I may ask for a travel deposit. Especially after what happened in Platte city! If I had asked for a travel deposit everything would’ve ended, and I never would’ve gone! I see this a lot with the upscale escorts on tryst. Mind you that deposit would only be $50 but at least it offsets my travel time and expense. It’s always scary to make an appointment for more than one hour because you don’t know if this person is playing with you, or if they’re legitimate. One sure way of showing legitimacy is to make a deposit! It’s also a really good way to get ripped off. I think you have to know who you’re giving the deposit to which is why I have this website!

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