11/27/23 No More X For Me

If you go to a website and you start reading the contents, and your blood pressure goes up, your heart starts to race, and you can literally feel anxiety creeping over you, this is when you need to close that website. No website, no social media, no news program is worth feeling anxious over.  Now maybe you don’t suffer from anxiety or maybe these venues don’t trigger that for you. But X definitely does this to me, which is why I deleted my account, and I deleted the app. I hate all the divisiveness on it. They ban things like nudity, which they never did before, but they don’t ban antisemitism! And being Jewish in America, I am really worried about my future. And don’t tell me I have no reason, unless you can tell me the reasons I have no reason!  For me, X has just become a very thinly veiled disguise for what our world has become. And I refuse to be a part of it. (Getting off my soapbox now)


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