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12/3/23 Match

With everything that I have gone through this year and continue to go through. With my age, slowly inching up into that area of no return. With feeling my loneliness more and more and feeling like it’s gaining a hold of me, I decided to get on I paid $130 for six months and I’m hoping it doesn’t take me that long to find my person. I just joined on Monday so things are going fairly swimmingly. I have quite a few dates this week. But I’m highly skeptical. And of course, none of them will know what I do for a living. I feel like I’m putting really bad karma out into the world and it’s going to come back at me. I wish I could figure out a better way. I would much rather date someone who knew what I did.

My experience so far on Match has been mixed, to say the least. I matched up with a few guys early on, but they seem very apathetic in that I have to message them “Good morning” before I ever even hear from them. So that makes me feel like they don’t really want to talk to me. I met one guy for dinner at the cheesecake factory, which was very nice. Turns out he doesn’t have a home! He moves between each of his four children’s houses. And then he tried to tell me that he’s helping them out! We had a very nice dinner, and it went nowhere, I’m starting to think that that may be the norm. Trying to keep a good attitude, but in this day and age, it’s not that easy.

Went on another date today and now I’m about to swear off all first dates! Ask me tomorrow and I’ll probably change my mind on that, but for right now I’m against them. This last one was a nice lunch but after a half hour I wanted out of there. I had to stay for another hour. Funny thing is, after a week of being on Match, I would’ve thought I would be inundated with chat requests.  Except for the first day or so, I have not been and it may be the fact that I put that I’m 420 friendly! But if that’s what is keeping the more redneck kind of guys away, I’m not gonna take it down.

12/3/23 OMG This is a real ad on STGs! Read the whole thing!!  Hysterical!

Now I don’t often even look at other providers ads.  I have to be really bored, but when I got to this one, I knew I had to post it on here.  This is a GREAT example of everything I am not!  And thankfully, most other providers aren’t either!  Read on for some cray cray!

After midnight late night early morning freaky special for all the true freaks 100 🌹’s Hhr bbj special with two pops gentlemen . this special is only valid for in☎️’s only . I’m located in Independence at my hotel room alone and just seeking the right kind of company to come chill and hang . I also wearing butt plugs and offering some hot nasty anal sex to a gentlemen who deserve to climax real good and nasty in my tight little asshole . Tonight I’m not discriminating against anyone for there looks age size or possible mental health issues unless I get creeped out talking to you over there phone and my third spiritual eye is self consously warning me that your a threat and nasty filthy horny rapist that is on a mission to man handle my bare naked ass and tear it up and stretch it out with alot of hate fucking a nigger bitch butt pounding without precautions to used protection cuse if I am alerted that you are anything of that nature I’ll be sure to excuse my way out of meeting with your creepy weirder then me ass cuse if that’s the case there no telling what you’ll pass on to me besides your dark inner demons who’s upsest with racist butt fucks with nasty cream pies . so let’s keep it clean and safe gentlemen I’ll offer a couple hours for a outcall special with Greek calls and multiple pops with of course Bbj and sloppy Toppy fire wet head . I’m seeking a donation of something reasonable for a couple hours that includes Greek friendly calls on my menu . I’m open to hereing your offer if your possibly interested and might be willing to budge some and negotiate as long ad you can provide my transportation as well to you and back home safely and wouldn’t mind me bringing my best friend which is my accountability partner to just make sure I’m safe she’s is not a provider and will not be up for grabs for anything perverted on my dirty girl menu . she will remain fully dressed and not participate in any of are butt fuck trifling hot 🔥 nasty sex . I’m gonna Need some type of a reasonable donation for her as well for her time as well . she’s legit not on any bullshit or anything extra she will not try to rob you or be disrespectful to your home and I’m the same way and just more concerned on making you happy so you can make me happy and then we all will be happy . Hmu if your interested in sticking some dick up my ass and busting a few fat nuts in it to where I crap out alot of cum later when I finally have the erdge to shit and hopefully enjoy it in peace . I’m looking forward to having some one need me to come by so they can give me that hot nasty anal fuck iv been curiously missing and I’m looking for ward to having a few of you stop by to get served with a nice decent full hhr two pops enjoying your climax and busting them nuts that will put you in the faze of so tired you crash like a little baby and sleep very comparable and safe and sound with hot nasty weird wet dreams that mind fuck you later .

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