Blogs for 1/22/24


  1. People who never accept their mistakes.

  2. People who don’t help you when you ask them.

  3. People who gossip with everyone.

  4. People who act differently around others.

  5. People who are never sorry about their rude behavior.

  6. People who tell you other people’s secrets.

  7. People who bad-mouth their ex.

  8. People who do bad to others to feel good themselves.

  9. People who become jealous of others’ success.

  10. People who’re always busy or stuck when you need them.

1/22/24 What a silly person I can be!

I just got done telling everyone on here that I was giving Alex a second chance. And I totally would. But, then I realized that when someone starts AA, they are told from the very start that they should not be in a relationship for a year. If you don’t know much about AA then you probably didn’t know this, but I did! Which is why I say I’m silly because I know what his sponsor is going to say to him. He hasn’t broached this subject with his sponsor, but he will because I’m not going to talk to him until he does. I refuse to invest more time and energy into this man until I know that we are OK to date. And I know enough about AA to know the answer to this. And I know enough about Alex to know that he will not go against what his sponsor tells him to do. And nor should he. I care enough about him to want to see him be successful and sober. And I believe that means that we will not be dating. At least not for a year! And if you think I’m going to wait a year, then you’re just a silly as I am.

1/22/24 Dear Diary

I always ask people if they read my blogs, and the guys in St. Louis were no different. But when one man told me that reading my blogs was like reading someone’s diary, I was kind of taken aback. And I’m not really sure if he meant this to be a compliment or something derogatory. But it truly made me think that he was onto something. I guess my blogs do sound like a diary. Now I just have to decide how I feel about that. I know that I’m very transparent and very honest with my thoughts and feelings. And I would not want it any other way. But I’m not sure how I feel about my blogs being called my diary. I get that a diary is your innermost thoughts and feelings about your life. And I will say that I don’t share every little thing about my life with you. But I do share a lot. And I think the only way that I can do this is to not think about how other people will take my blogs. I write to get things off my chest. It’s as simple as that.  And I think the majority of you can tell that that’s what I do. I like the fact that I can share with you what I’m going through. And I like to think that my sharing with you will help you also. Or at least you’ll get a chuckle or a smile or a deep thought from my blogs. At any rate, diary or no, I’m not stopping.

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