1/26/24 Single Again

Well, I was definitely spot on when it came to my perceptions of how AA would be. It is hugely frowned upon to be in a relationship the first year, so my person is not my person anymore. At least not for right now and not for the next year. We’re going to try to stay friends so we’ll see how that goes. He’s going to be very busy with his sobriety and AA and as well he should be. He has a lot of support and I plan to be one of them. It’s not every day that someone comes into your life that simply wows you. And he did that. So yes, we will remain friends and I hope that one day it will be more. But this is now and that is then and I’m not gonna hold my breath. I’ve never been one to do that and I’m not gonna start now. I kind of think that maybe relationships are not in the cards for me, or at least not romantic ones. But again, that’s how I feel now and I am grieving. I know I will feel better, because right now I feel pretty bad. But at least I’m not crying as I write this! So I am single once again…

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