1/21/24 St. Louis

I have often written about St. Louis, but never in the glowing terms that I am going to write today. I absolutely had a wonderful time. I maintained a positive attitude the whole time. There was one night that I was really worn out and really sore and the best thing for me to do was just to get a good nights sleep. And it’s not like I didn’t have no-shows. But I had 22 appointments and five no-shows out of them. So I saw 17 guys in three days. That’s high volume. In Kansas City, I’m low volume. But then, I go to St. Louis and this time I got booked for three days in three days!  I was miss popularity. And for the most part, the no-shows were guys that had not booked with me beforehand.I had a few cancellations beforehand, but none of this deterred me. I had a really nice time seeing my mother and I plan to go back in February for her birthday and work for a day and a half. I’ll also be there in March. I just want to thank my St. Louis clients for a great weekend!

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