8/23/23 Gastric Bypass – Year in Review//Male Escort Service now available

8/23/23 Male Escort Service now available

I have a good client/friend who is wanting to see if there are any men who are as bi-curious as he is.  Now seeking bottoms/tops for fun with a 3-some or all by yourselves in a safe/neutral environment.

8/23/23 Gastric Bypass – Year in Review

I have lost 95 lbs. alt0gether this first year.  I am hoping to get and stay around 130-140.  It’s been a wild roller coaster that I would do all over again.  I’m very happy with my year at this and I think the future looks good….

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    I’m very proud of you and glad that this has made u happy…. It’s always nice to see someone set a goal and reach it and to see that this brings them happiness congratulations .

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