8/2/23 A Note from a Fan

You have had quite an interesting year, but it’s seems as though everything is looking up!!  Wow 90lbs.  That is amazing!! I am tremendously happy for you.  I bet you feel so much better.  I hesitated to email back so quickly because I can’t imagine how many emails you get on a regular basis from your admiring fans.  But what’s the hell, I decided to anyway…I enjoy exchanging messages with you :). You can at anytime just tell me to stop waisting your time and I will understand completely.  I don’t want to be one of those guys that doesn’t get the hint.  I just read your newest blog from today and had to write.  I’m glad you are feeling like your old self.  Actually, from the confidence you’ve gained from the weight loss and new medication, I wouldn’t say your old self…you are feeling like your new and improved self!!

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