7/26/23 St. Louis is once again, so Good To Me!

I went to St. Louis, the 21st through the 24th and did very well, plus I got to see my 92-year-old mother and older sisters.  Then, I saw more men in 2 days than I see in a week here!  Makes ya wonder why I don’t move home.  For two or three very good reasons!  For one, it costs a lot more to live there than where I’m at.  Secondly, my family kind of drives me crazy.  That whole thing can be found in other blogs of mine.  And thirdly, I would miss my guys in KC.  Don’t get me wrong, for the most part, KC sustains me very well.  St. Lou doesn’t get to see me often so they take advantage of my time there.  I’m definitely low volume here and high volume there.  Hey, it works and if something works, you don’t fuck with it, you know?

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