7/18/23 Blogs

7/18/23 A New Knee

As of 8/10/23, I will have a new right knee.  I will be in a skilled nursing facility for a couple weeks and then home convelescing.  I am looking so forward to this operation even though I know it’s going to take a good 6 months of PT and I HAVE TO do what they tell me to do!  I haven’t been good at keeping up to their standards but I know, with this surgery, that I have to do what they tell me to do even if I don’t feel like it!  I will have a friend staying at my house but she is not (!) in this biz.

7/18/23 St. Louis

My trip to St. Lou was great!  I’m getting fewer and fewer no-shows and I think the hotel is on to me.  They blocked both listcrawler.com and skip the games websites!  So I took my laptop next and used their wifi!  I’ll be going back once a month after I have time to heal with my knee, which leads me to my next Blog.

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