4/12/24 Trying to Read People

I am often asked what I like and don’t like about what I do. I’m sure I’ve written many blogs about this, but there’s one thing that I’ve never really talked about. And that’s how difficult it can be to read people and know how to respond to them. I have found that everyone who comes to see me has a different agenda. And trying to figure out what that agenda is without coming right out and asking it, is next to impossible.

A lot of times I will just come out and ask what did you come for, what would you like? But then you might get a partial answer or something that just doesn’t feel right. And I never know if somebody likes and wants to kiss me, which can be very precarious. I offer GFE, girlfriend experience, which includes a lot of things that many men might not want. But trying to figure that out can be nerve-racking. I think this is what makes me so anxious about traveling. Because I see new guys back to back to back, and I have to figure out each new guy when I see them. I’m pretty open about asking people what they’re wanting and what they’re missing. I do this because I find that most men who come to see me are missing something or they wouldn’t be there. Some guys are really open about this and others just don’t know. As with everything, I do the best I can given what I have to work with.

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