4/18/24 St. Louis and BS

4/18/24 My New BS Meter

I have begun to write down the number of times each day I deal with BS. Yesterday it was nine times. I’ve been telling clients that for every appointment that I set, I probably talk to seven other guys before them! They are either a scam or too young or too black and young or they just rub me the wrong way. Low Ballers, guys who don’t read my ad and ask stupid questions, and just a myriad of bullshit out there. I think anybody who deals in sales or customer service probably goes through the same thing. Where are the guys that simply ask if you’re available, tell you their name, age and race and when they’re going to show up?

4/18/24 There’s Always One

I’m in St. Louis and my first appointment that scheduled with me two weeks ago did not show up. If that were the only thing I had to say about the guy, I wouldn’t be all that concerned. But not only did he no-show, he threatened me. He threatened to call the hotel I’m staying at and let them know about me. He told me that he had talked with four people that said I do BBFS and he read a blog where I had an STD.  In the first place, how could he have talked to four people that I’ve seen? No possible way. Secondly, you can’t even read my old blogs now and he hasn’t been able to the whole time he’s known me. And I never wrote about having an STD. So this guy was utter bullshit and I told him that if he called the hotel, I would retaliate. And I really would. I don’t like to be threatened, nobody does. But in my line of work, I take that very seriously. Now, he didn’t call the hotel or if he did, they didn’t let me know.  I simply was going to tell them that this guy was an old boyfriend who knew I was coming here and is harassing me.  There always seems to be one misogynist who schedules with me, then doesn’t show and harasses me.  I guess in my occupation, you have to take everything seriously, but in all actuality, I’ve never had any real trouble when I travel. And, of course, I didn’t today either.

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