4/6/24 The.Worst.Trip.Ever.

I went to Springfield this last weekend and it has never been this bad when I travel! I had 14 appointments scheduled and I ended up seeing 5 people. There were 3 no-shows and 6 cancellations. That is just ridiculous. The only saving grace is that I got a really good deal on a hotel room. I will never ever go back to Springfield again. My experience there was the exact opposite of Omaha. And I figured since they were about the same size and I had been there before, I would have a good time. Boy, was I ever wrong!! But you live and learn, and I had to try Springfield one more time to find out that I never want to go there again. A lot of my cancellations were because of work so I’m making it my new policy when I book an appointment when I travel, I am going to make sure that nothing will get in the way. At least nothing foreseeable. I understand that people get sick. Of course the people that get sick usually get sick the day of. But to make an appointment when you know you might have to work is not acceptable. I’m really trying to see this as a good lesson.

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