1/3/24 My Conversation with Another Provider

Me: hi, I’m wondering why you put an ad on list crawler saying that you won’t see new clients. Don’t understand why anybody would do that.

Her: it’s because I was assaulted, and I don’t need to see anybody new

Me: oh, I’m so sorry to hear that. Can I ask how old the guy was?

Her: he was 40 and he hit me in my head several times and then punched me in my gut and I had a severe concussion and I probably should get a CAT scan.

Me: was he black or white?

Her: he was mixed

Me: then I would not see any black or mixed men ever again.

Her: I don’t plan on it.

After talking to her for a little while, posing as a possible new client, she wanted to see a picture of my dick. She said that cops could not send a picture of their dick because they didn’t know if she was a minor.

I found this to be very interesting. Especially since I’m always wanting to understand what cops can and cannot do. So, after she told me this, I googled it and basically cops can do whatever they need to do if they’re in an active sting. I pretty much figured this, but it helped to Google it. So I sent her a picture of a dick I found off of Google and she accepted that. She then told me her rates, which were very high, especially since she doesn’t even show her face in her ads. And the fact that she doesn’t show her face is how she can say that the cops don’t know her age. I gave her some advice that her ad was very angry, and she might want to just tone it down a bit. She then said she would be happy to see me even though I was brand new.

You can’t blame her for being as careful as she can be. But you can see from her ad that she doesn’t even know who her regulars are. And the thing about regulars is that they don’t necessarily stay a regular. This is why you take new clients because you hope they will become a regular! I have never been assaulted in the eight years I have done this. She thought going four years without being assaulted was a good thing. I don’t think ever being assaulted, for any reason is a good thing.

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