Blogs for 12/17/23

12/17/23 No More Hawaii Man

I don’t know what to say. I met a man in Hawaii two years ago and we have kept in touch the entire time. We’ve gotten very close and I even told him I loved him. We were planning to meet in Las Vegas this next May and spend four days together at the Wynn hotel. About two weeks ago, he breaks it off. I’m still not entirely sure why, but I think he had a lot of difficulty with my dating other men. And I can kind of see why, especially if he had feelings for me, and I believe he did. He always wished me luck in my dating pursuits, but he would ask me a lot of questions. He stated this was because he was a detective and detectives ask a lot questions. But what I can’t figure out is why now. Before he broke things off, we were talking a lot more and getting a lot closer. I think this scared him. And I think the distance was a problem. To say the least, I’m very sad. But I do understand. Kind of.

12/17/23 Impotence

Let’s talk about impotence. The word impotent means the inability to have an erection. I looked it up in the online dictionary. But I was always under the impression that impotency meant you couldn’t get someone pregnant. That’s not it at all. And that’s not what I want to talk about in this blog either. What I want to talk about is the fact that a man can still have an orgasm, even if he is impotent. I met an older man the other day, who did not understand this. He was only interested in doing things to me. And this was a first for me. He wanted nothing in return. Like many men, he got off getting me off. And he even ended it with a wonderful massage! Impotent or not, I tried to convince him that it could be a two-way street. So now, maybe, a number of men out there who are reading this will understand that you do not have to have an erection to have an orgasm. I think that menopause, medication, and this are the least understood sexual phenomena by men. And I’m trying to change that.

12/17/23 Psychological Hacks

  1. When you wear same clothes everyday, your productivity will increase.  Steve jobs wore black turtleneck and jeans while Mark Zuckerberg is known for his hoodie. Life is too short to spend time worrying about material nuances like fashion.

  2. Your music taste tells a lot about you. You can even judge one’s character by their playlist.

  3. Clothes have deep impression over your personality.

  4. People don’t know themselves. Almost 98% of population lack body wisdom.

  5. If you’re emotional about something, your logical reasoning gets thrown out the window .

  6. Every person you see in dreams have come across in your real life. Our brain can not create faces.

  7. If you want someone to like you more, ask them for a small favor, something they’re likely to say yes to. (I learned this from Dale Carnegie )

  8. While talking to someone, listen more than you talk. And when you talk, prove that you listened.

  9. When you have something that you need to do and keep putting off, force yourself to do it for five minutes with the option of quitting afterwards .By then you will usually have reengaged your brain from procrastinate into production.

  10. Mind is a reflect organ . It reflects everything. So choose your thoughts wisely. That’s why people cite “Change your thoughts, change your life”.

  11. Brain is nothing when emotions dominate. (I learnt this reading emotional intelligence by Daniel Goleman )

  12. Fake it till you make it, when it comes to confidence.


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