1/15/24 Bored in the house and I’m in the house bored!

Happy Martin King day! Where would we be now without him? Would we have the civil liberties that we have today? Would somebody else have taken his place eventually?

Now see, this is not what I wanted to talk about. I want to talk about how boring this weather is. It’s putting a damper on me and my business! How dare the heavens throw down this much snow and this bitter cold? Gosh, I felt so sorry for those poor over-paid football players yesterday. But it was a great game and it was nice to see a great game for once in a while. I can’t really complain. I had a pretty good week last week, even though it was snowy and bitterly cold, and I’m going to St. Louis this week, and it’s going to be the best week I have ever had there. Once again, I am simply amazed at the fallout my new pictures have created. I booked three days in St. Louis in less than three days. That never happens. And so far, all but about three guys have confirmed. Usually at this point, I’m wondering if I should even go. Because I may have only heard back from 1/2 to 2/3 of the guys who made appointments.

Sometimes I can be really dense. Like take for example, why didn’t I put out new pictures earlier? Why did it take me so long to figure out that I should put my only fans link in all my ads? OMG, my only fan sales have gone through the roof. Sometimes I have to wonder about where my head is at.  Any good businesswoman would know to put her only fans link in her ads, and yet most of the girls who have only fans only mention that they have only fans instead of putting the link right there! So I guess I’m in good company when I say that I’m not so bright sometimes!

But I do learn. And one thing I saw the other day that interested the heck out of me was this woman/provider who was advertising in cities that were not her own just for her only fans content. And maybe for video chatting and worn panties (which I’m about to start selling), who knows what else. I didn’t even read the ad. The title simply said her name/content only. Now of course I would put more in my title, but it doesn’t cost to put ads in other cities. And it could be how I start to fly to other cities. But then I would have to raise my rates. And, I can just raise them for touring, so it may be something to look into. Or, on the other hand, it may go nowhere. In this business, one never knows. But you won’t know until you try.

Can I just say that I hope your day is going better than mine? And God rest your soul because your memory is a blessing to all, Martin Luther King.

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