1/18/24 Listcrawler.eu

There are a lot of scams on list crawler.eu. You might want to do the following if you see someone’s ad that you haven’t seen before. What you do is click on the little box that says more pics and reviews from within the ad. This takes you to what is basically their profile where you can see their old pictures, their old posts , when they came on the system and when they last posted and also their reviews and their comments. The part of this that I want you to take a good look at is their old pictures. The reason I want you to look here is because if you see more than one person‘s pictures, this ad is probably a scam. Women pay other women to put their ads on their account. It doesn’t sound like a scam, but there’s gotta be a reason that some women cannot advertise on listcrawler.eu. The other thing you want to check out is their info tab. Under here you can see how long they have been on the site and a lot of times these women have been on maybe a day or so. I would personally stay away from these women. It could be a guy who is simply using women’s photos and scamming lots of men out of deposits.

The other things you should always remember are:

The Asians, you see in the ads are not who you see in life. Most of the ads say this now.

Twenty-somethings are never worth it except if you want to be able to see a banging body. This is because they’re rude, have attitude, and are mostly on methamphetamine.

Older women know what they’re doing, are true pleasers, and rarely ever give you drama.

Never give a deposit unless it’s less than $30 just to show that you’re legitimate.

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