1/13/24 New Years Resolutions and Saying of the Week!

1/13/24 Saying of the week

You cannot be good at anything in life, unless you enjoy doing it!

So when I am asked if I enjoy what I do, I simply reply “am I good at it?”. And, of course, the resounding answer is yes. And so is my answer also!

1/13/24 New Years Resolutions

I did pretty well on my New Year’s resolutions from 2023 so here they are for 2024.

  1. Maintain my weight loss.

  2. Meet a man who will become my boyfriend.

  3. Exercise three times a week.

  4. Stay out of the hospital.

  5. Make more than I did in 2023.

  6. Increase my stable of regulars.

  7. Build up my savings.

  8. And continue to be happy, healthy, and wise.

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