1/12/24 Interesting Client Story # 397 or I thought I had heard everything!

Oh, my word. This truck driver came to see me today and told me that he had been married 10 times! I kid you not! Two of them were double marriages, but eight of them were not. The shortest marriage was three months and the longest marriage was five years. And this man believes that if he had been allowed to marry his high school sweetheart, he would’ve never gotten married again. I told him that was foolish, thinking from a man who had been married 10 times. I asked him why the majority of them did not work out and his response was that he didn’t have enough money for these women.

He was easily a multimillionaire with a trucking company of 25 trucks and 50 to 100 trailers and one wife took it all. She got the mansion, she got a big settlement of a couple hundred thousand and she got all the trucks. She was a meth head who went through all that money in one year and now she’s dead. I always say that what goes around comes around.

We talked a lot about the ones he remarried because that was what interested me the most. And it wasn’t like he got married after knowing them for three months. Most of these women he dated at least one year and then on average, he was with them less than a year married. I told him that marriage was the kiss of death for him! He agreed. He also told me that he basically was an alcoholic in his earlier years and he quit completely 15 years ago at the age of 41. So I’m thinking that alcohol played a big role and he acknowledged that most of his marriages were when he was drinking. I’m sure you know what I’m getting at. One of his remarriages was with a fellow alcoholic. He married her after knowing her more than a year, and they lasted six months, waited another year and got remarried for six months. The other remarriage was a little bit different in that he knew her the same amount of time, but they were married for a year got divorced unmarried for three months and then got back together for another year. At least I think I have that right. My head was kind of spinning.  I just had to blog about this guy because I’ve never heard of anyone being married 10 times besides maybe Elizabeth Taylor. He told me that she had been married 12 times. Go figure.

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