6/3/23 Me and Men

6/3/23 Why do I even care anymore?

In the past year, I thought about this a lot. And the fact of the matter, is that I’m not getting younger I’m only getting older. And I think, as you get older men find you less intriguing and more for a roommate. I definitely don’t need a roommate , and I haven’t found all that many men who want to date me that find me intriguing. No granted, I’m a companion, and we are devoted to our clients. But that’s not to say that I couldn’t be devoted to somebody else in the same way and probably even more so. But, am I willing to give up my independence? Am I willing to make a whole bunch of compromises? Am I willing to have sex when I don’t want to? Will I have to put up with snide remarks and mean comments? Do you get where I’m going with this? Again, I’m 62 not 42 and we all know that after the age of 60 the percentage of men who are still alive and kicking falls greatly. I’m going to end this blog with a belief of mine. As if I don’t tell you my beliefs all the time. I believe that as women age they find that they need men less. Especially in an age where women have money and can buy a man to do the hard work at home. Now, am I saying that that’s all man is good for? Not in the least. But I think the cons start to outweigh the pros after about the age of 65. This is not scientific. I have not done the research except for my own empirical research. Men definitely have their places in women’s lives, but they take on such a smaller meaning and amount of time that sometimes it just isn’t worth it. And even if a woman does have a libido past the age of 60 there’s always a good vibrator waiting for her to be bought.

6/3/23 I want a man…

I want a man simply to hold me and not let me go when I start to pull away.

I want a man who is a silly as I am, but levelheaded all the same.

I want a man who physically makes a change in my body when I see him, and when I touch him.

I want a man who is adventuresome as I can be, and want to be especially when I retire. I do not want a man to necessarily share my bed unless it’s a king. I don’t need a man to really take care of me or maybe I do. I just want a man who is my partner in life and in crime, knows how to have a good time, he is not an addict, loves the Chiefs and wants to find love in a loving woman.

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