Blogs for 6/14/23

6/14/23 Best Travelling Trip Ever!

I went to St. Louis this past weekend and had very few No Shows, lots of nice generous men, and a great time sitting out by the pool with my sisters.  Got my Imo’s fix and I’m happy to be home. $2000 in 2 full days.  Not too shabby.  I’m seriously thinking of going once a month!

6/14/23 Gastric Bypass #9

I am now down to 156.  None of my clothes fit, so I’m just going to look like I’m wearing a tent or maybe nothing at all! 16 more pounds to go.

6/14/23 Website Back Online

I took down my website because my 25-year-old son blackmailed me and said he would tell my original family about me.  So I did the prudent thing and got rid of evidence.  Then he told me he was not going to do it, so here I am and I got it back up but I think I’m missing some blogs here.  If anyone has a post from me after 6/3/23, I would appreciate you sending that post to me.

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