Blogs for 4/23/24

4/23/24 No More Only Fans

Only fans has decided to delete my account because I have broken their terms of service. Now every time they told me, I broke their terms of service I made reparations and I thought I was OK. Until yesterday. I am working on getting my videos off of there , because I don’t have them saved anywhere else. I might try to get another account through someone else. I’m sure if I bribed my son, he probably would let me. but it’s frustrating because until December when I started doing better, they never bothered me. Once I started getting popular, then they started bothering me. I’m appealing the decision, but I don’t feel confident that I will win.

4/23/24 My Miracle Catie Cat

Friday the 12th, when it was such a nice day, I opened all the windows in my house. My cat loves to jump up into the windowsills. One of the screens had popped off and she got out. She was gone for 10 days and I don’t think she ate a whole lot, but she must have gotten some water because she wouldn’t be alive. I looked and searched and put ads on the web, and she showed up in my crawlspace. I had never heard her cry until yesterday. I followed her cries to my crawlspace, which had ace kind of door on it that you could get into the crawlspace if you were small, but you couldn’t get out. So I got down into the crawlspace and called to her over and over because she was so scared. She finally came to me and I got her out. She was much thinner but still her old self. She’s been crying a little bit, which is not like her so I know she’s still kind of in shock. If cats can get PTSD, I think she has it, but I also think it will go away a lot quicker in a cat!  I’m so happy to have my baby home.

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