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4/21/24 Girlfriend Experience

have decided to add Specific Girlfriend Services.  GFE Services will include daily emails/texts, phone calls, meet for a drink, discounts on sessions and pictures/videos customized to you!  I will have a section on my Donations Page…

4/21/24 OMG St. Louis

St. Louis never stops amazing me. Each time I go, I do better than the last time. Now, I did have three no-shows and one person threatened me, but other than that, this was the best trip I’ve ever had. I made more in two days than I make in a week and a half. But it’s not just about the money. It’s about seeing the same guys that I’ve seen in February and January and last November. I am developing a regular crowd there and I love it. I just wrote a blog about how nerve-racking it is to see new people, especially when I’m seeing so many new people in a day but now I’m not. And I just love that.  I will tell you this.  If Kansas City ever goes south, I could definitely see moving to St. Lou.

4/21/24 More Thoughts on My Gastric Bypass

It’s been a year and eight months since I got my gastric bypass. I have successfully lost 110 pounds and kept it off for six months. And I really don’t think that I’m going to regain my weight and I will tell you why. I still can only eat 4 to 6 bites at a time. And this is the most difficult part of having gotten the gastric bypass. They shrink your stomach so much that you can’t eat very much at one time and you don’t feel like eating for some time because your digestion has slowed. The problem becomes when you zone out while you’re eating and eat too much. OMG, I have never felt such pain in my stomach. And the difficulty lies in the fact that I used to eat a four course meal and now I’m lucky to eat a fourth of a course. It definitely makes going out to eat either a very slow process or a very frustrating one. If I take 30 minutes to eat my meal, I can eat more than a fourth of course. I can probably eat one course. But the food gets cold. Which, I’ve gotten used to, I have to say. 

So now you know how I maintain my weight. And on top of that, there are some days that I just don’t feel like eating. And the only thing that helps with that is to get high because marijuana numbs your stomach. It’s great for when you have the stomach flu and when you don’t feel like eating. Because it takes the pain and nausea away. I’m sure most people reading this are not feeling too bad for me. But if you saw me after I ate 10 bites instead of six, you would see someone in pretty intense pain. It seems like anytime I put food on my plate, I pretty much know I’m going to only eat half of it. Which can make for a very cheap date! I’m still really happy that I had the gastric bypass and even though I have had so many complications from it, I’m past all that and I feel like I’ve finally arrived.

I don’t tend to judge people anymore who are overweight. I simply say a little prayer to myself that they will find their way to a gastric bypass.  I bought a really cute mini dress in St. Louis and I just reveled at how adorable I looked! My sister said to me that I looked really good and I told her that I looked really good in clothes and she replied “that’s all there is at our age”! I suppose she’s somewhat right.

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