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3/17/24 Love Thoughts

I often think about what this world is all about. I’ve heard it said many times that the point to life is love. Being loved and giving love. This is why I talk about love so much in my blogs. It’s important to me. And if sometimes I sound a little desperate, it’s because sometimes I feel a little desperate. But then I get over myself and realize that even a life alone is a good life or at least it can be. Make no doubt about it, I will continue to look for love wherever I can find it. Love is fluid and it comes and goes. I suppose true love does not come and go. How many of us actually find true love? And isn’t true love just love that’s built over time. When I ask men if their wives are their best friends, I’m not asking them for my sake, I’m asking them for their sake. And it occurs to me that I could lose clients because of this question but the point is that you don’t give up your best friend especially later in life. And most of the men I see are later in life. True love is coming home to your best friend every single night and seeing them every single morning. That’s what I believe.

3/17/24 Paid Lover/Mistress

For many of my clients, and mostly those that I see often, I am their paid lover. Call me a lover or call me a mistress but that is what I am. It’s all a matter of how regular a customer you want to be. If you see me once every six months or even once a year, that’s a maintenance kind of relationship. Someone safe to see when you need that extra boost. It’s really only in those client/companion relationships where I see you once a month or more that we develop a connection.

Once that connection is developed, it’s hard to break it. Both parties look forward to the next time they’re going to see each other and both parties might think about it several times before they actually see each other. But the tenor of the relationship is so much different based on how often I see you. I have to say that I truly enjoy being a part-time lover. I think the men that I see often would probably not call me by that term, but it applies nevertheless. Sometimes, if I’m really comfortable, I will even let you call me your dirty little whore. But I have to be very comfortable for that!

This relationship, this connection, evolves as you get to know somebody. I catch myself enough to say that not every connection evolves. And when I say the word evolve, I mean that that connection grows deeper and the things we will try together can become more complex and more kinky for that matter. Yet, for some, it stays the same. That’s what they need and that’s what they desire, and they don’t look to change that. Which is kind of interesting because, often times, that is exactly what their marriage looks like.

I, as a person, crave connection. I don’t think this is true of everybody, but it is certainly true of me. And I do look forward to seeing the people that I have a connection with. I work with the goal of making that connection. But other things also come into play such as finances and availability. Like I said before, I will not probably make that connection with you if I only see you sporadically. If you don’t have the finances and the availability to see someone regularly, that can hinder this. I think this is why a lot of escorts want to see older, generous men. In this way, they know that there is a good chance that these men will have the finances/availability to see someone regularly.

Isn’t that the goal of every escort? To have a stable of regulars, and never have to worry about seeing someone new? Just in the same way that you don’t want to see someone new because of the challenges involved in doing so, I would rather see people I’ve already seen. This is why escorts verify you through other escorts that you have seen in the past. This is one of the only ways to know that you are not involved in law-enforcement. I understand why they do it, but I’m not willing to go there. I’m OK with simply not talking about sex in a text. And certainly not sex and money in a text.

I end this blog with just a statement. I hope that the men I see regularly recognize themselves in this blog. I so enjoy your company and I look forward to seeing you every single time. You are my bread and butter and my cats meow. I will endeavor to pretty much do anything to keep you around. OK, within reason!

3/17/24 Never ask this: are you a cop?

There is absolutely no reason to ever ask an escort or a client if they are a cop, and these are the reasons why.

  1. The only cops that are not in uniform are undercover municipal police, and they never have to tell you if they are a cop.

  2. Police that are investigating or looking into a possible crime, can lie about anything to get the information they want. This includes telling you if they are a cop or not. They can also have sex with you and then bust you. Most police departments frown upon this, but I’m not saying that it doesn’t happen.

  3. You will never get busted by a sheriff because they do not have anything to do with vice. And you will never find an undercover sheriff because they don’t exist. It is always municipal police that do this work.

  4. Your best bet against getting busted is to find someone who has a lot of good reviews and looks like they would be safe and then stick with that person, especially if you like them.

  5. Just remember, if you’re seeing someone new in Kansas, you don’t want to go to a hotel because they are using Hyatt Place hotels to bust people in Johnson county.  If they can afford to use a Hyatt Place you don’t know where they might show up.

  6. The better questions to ask are how long ng have you been doing this and do you live in a house? You can see on list crawler how long they have been on that site. I would definitely stay away from the ones who have only been on there for a day or a week. Cops place ads sporadically, whereas escorts place ads every single day so you need to look at the old posts also to see how often they are placing ads. If they’re not placing ads every single day, it’s probably either a scam, or a bust, but more likely the former.

3/17/24 Fell in Love with Omaha!

OMG, I had such a good time in Omaha! I had my best day ever fiscally, and that created my best week ever. I feel like I’m finally coming into my own. I was told many times that I was completely different from anybody else they’ve met. I love those words! That’s because I like to think of myself as being different and that’s a good thing. Of course, they also meant it in the nicest light.

I literally had no no-shows. I did have one guy who canceled at the last minute and then told me he lied because he was just paranoid. He wanted to have a drink with me and I found out that that’s all he really wanted. so I guess you could call that a no-show. Definitely a waste of my time and I let him know this.

This is the first trip that I actually made more money than I projected based on the appointments I had set up. Even though I had a couple cancellations, I was able to fill those spots readily. As usual, I got many phone calls while I was there and several afterwards. I will be going back May 9-11!

I think what made this trip so special and wonderful for me is the fact that I only had one half hour appointment. The rest were all an hour or more. So I think what I’m going to do from now on is raise my half hour rate to encourage more hour appointments because that’s really what I like. I would much rather see five men for an hour than eight men for a half hour. I did not feel stressed out at all during this trip because it was so low volume.

The hardest part of traveling is meeting, so many new people in such a short time. I suppose if I really didn’t give a shit who I saw or if I saw them again, it wouldn’t be so nerve-racking. But I’m trying to get to know each and every person. I believe that’s the only way to form any kind of connection. I suppose that’s a big reason for why I blog in the first place. I want you to get to know me, I want you to feel a connection to me.

I am going to try to cultivate more hour long and hour plus appointments. I will be putting out new touring rates today. I will end this blog with “Omaha, I love you!”.

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