3/12/24 Say Goodbye

I am so sad to have to write that I have lost my favorite client, and a very good friend of mine. He has not died, but simply has decided to go back with his ex-wife. Which, in this case, might be a fate worse than death! We had a really special relationship in that he was my “favorite” client (and yes, I do have favorites), and we dated. Maybe not in the traditional sense of dating, but we went out together and we had a really good time together. I will miss this person terribly. And I consider him to be one of the most intellectual and stimulatingly knowledgeable people that I’ve ever met. But obviously, when it comes to his emotional IQ, he’s about 15 years old. Let me explain myself.

This woman left him for another man after 20 years of marriage and served him divorce papers in another state. She took him for half of what he had, and then squandered it in about two years. This will be her third  or fourth time coming back to him because she cannot make it on her own. And each time he takes her back, he allows her to stay with him for less time than the time before because she’s so incalculably difficult and dependent. She’s bipolar and not on her medication. She tried to steal his identity for $25,000 and she is being prosecuted by a major national bank for this. She could easily go to jail.  She also got involved in a cult and stopped taking her medication. This woman is not a good person. At least not from everything he’s told me and I’m thinking he sugarcoated it!

Why do such rational, intellectual, sane men make such bad decisions for themselves? I have no doubt that she will show her true colors once again, and be out of there in three months. I just don’t know if I want to go back to seeing this person again in any capacity. Yes, escorts do get to pick and choose who they will see. We even had this huge date planned for my birthday, all for naught.  I can’t tell you how upset I am at this moment. I really should have prepared myself for this. And I shouldn’t have gotten as close to this person as I did. That is definitely something an escort should never do. It’s a very bad proposition all the way around.

Wow! I will definitely rethink how I do my work because of what has happened today. I can see that I got way too close to this person and I can also see that I did not see the writing on the wall. As an ex-therapist, I really feel like I dropped the ball on myself. We had a whole discussion about two weeks ago regarding our relationship because he wanted to hold my hand and kiss me in public, but he did not want to have a relationship with me outside of friendship. I told him then that I was not going to pretend to be his girlfriend. We could go on our dates and that would be fine, but I was not going to hold his hand, kiss him in public, and otherwise act like we’re in a relationship when we’re not. It was then that he told me of all the issues he had. Only one of them was the fact that he was still in love with his ex-wife. I did the right thing in curtailing that part of the relationship that felt fake and false, but what I didn’t do is prepare myself for her coming back into his life. I should have seen that would happen. Especially from everything he’s told me about her. And I really think he has used me as a sounding board. Right now, I feel sorry for myself, but I think I feel more sorry for him. I can see clearly what will happen. I could be wrong, but I don’t think I am.

Are you surprised the escort can get attached to a client? Now granted, he was not my typical client. And I do not typically get attached to any client. He was special. And I hope to remember him that way.

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