6/30/24 Statistics

Three out of four women do not come vaginally.

25% of men do not come from blowjobs.

50% of men have sensitive nipples and 50% do not.

95% of men like to have their balls pulled on!

Intercourse last for an average of 5.4 minutes.

Men’s prostate start to dry up around the age of 62. I don’t see many men over the age of 70 who ejaculate.

At the time that a man’s prostate starts to dry up, it also starts to enlarge, causing many problems. Thankfully, there are medication‘s for this.

75% of the men that I see are married and not having sex at home, usually because their wife has gone through menopause.

Half of my appointments are with people I have seen before and half are with newbies.

When asked, men will tell you that half of the escorts they’ve seen has been OK and half have not.

Half of my appointments are hour long and half are half hour long.

Since I have started not seeing men under 35, my no-shows have gone from 15 a month to 5 a month.

Half of African-American men are normal sized and half are not!

Asians tend to have the smallest penises of any race. They are also the most polite, the most hygienic, and some of the nicest men that I see.

I have 1000 subscribers to my blogs, but I have at least 2000 people that read them.

Several escorts read my blogs.

My sons read my blogs and sometimes read them to my ex-husband! Which is why you never see any blogs about my sons.

When a woman has a hysterectomy, she immediately goes through menopause.

85% of women who have gone through menopause, no longer have a sexual drive or libido.

Even though a woman does not want to have sex, she will still have “duty sex“ which is basically sex once a month or less.

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