6/24/24 My Newer EV After One Week

I absolutely love my 2021 Mustang Mach E with the premium package, all wheel drive and extended battery. Kind of. I love everything about it, except for the fact that I had to charge it four times during my trip to and from St. Louis. The charges took anywhere from 15 minutes to 45 minutes. And I spent around $60 all told. Which is less than I used to spend on gas.

And the thing that I don’t like about charging is that there are no facilities around it. At least I haven’t found any for my use that are at a gas station. So I end up going to a gas station to get supplies and go to the bathroom and throw trash away. And clean the bugs off my windshield. I wish charging stations were more like gas stations. I wonder if they are in California. And here’s the biggest rub. I’m supposed to get 277 miles off of 100% battery but I really only got about 180 miles. This is because everything uses the battery. The AC, heat, radio, you name it. I had to stop in Columbia. I also charged it down in Fenton where I stay And then before I left, I charged it for maybe 15 minutes. And then again in Columbia. So it’s a lot of time but it goes by fast if you have emails to read and respond to and texts and calls and you can watch YouTube or Netflix on your phone! So it’s not that big of a hassle, but it is a hassle.

Let me tell you, this car is a dream. I would call it a luxury SUV, but it doesn’t have wood accents or real leather or any of the trappings of a true luxury SUV. What it has is all the bells and whistles. OMG, this car drives itself. But the hands-free, which is called Blue Cruise, will not stay for all that long because it’s a subscription. And I’m not sure who bought the subscription. You buy it for $75 a month or $800 a year. I think that’s ridiculous, but it is what it is. I absolutely loved it once I started trusting it. The adaptive cruise control is so cool. You follow a car at their speed or, if no one’s in front of you, you go at the speed that you set. The only thing I don’t like about it is that I get used to it and then I find myself going 65 in a 70 and that’s when I have to ride their ass!

It has heated seats, a heated steering wheel, heated windshield wipers, heated side mirrors. I think that’s enough heating for right now. I may never turn the heater on. It would save on battery. It has a digital dash in front of you that shows you your battery percentage, range in miles, and how far you have to go to your next destination if you set GPS. This car also has lane assist, which will move you back to the center of your lane if you start going over the white line or the yellow line. Very cool option. It also has the Blindspot alert in the mirrors so that if somebody’s passing you, you see a yellow alert in either of the mirrors where they’re passing. Really cuts down on cutting someone off or worse.

It’s comfortable as hell with power seats and memorized seats and mirrors. There’s plenty of room in the back and it has two trunks! Although the one in front isn’t very big, but the one in back is huge. And this car is no bigger than my Buick Regal was. But it truly is an SUV. A very small one, but still an SUV.

If I had a complaint about the interior, it would be that the rear window is very small and the rearview mirror dims so that the sun doesn’t come in, which can make it very difficult to see out the back. When you’re backing up, you can just look at the 15 inch tablet that is basically your dash to show you what you’re backing into. But when you’re moving forward, it can be difficult to see out the back. I think there’s a way to show what’s behind you as you drive, but I haven’t figured it out yet. And something that I’m not used to is that there’s very dark tinting on all the windows except for the windshield. I’ve never had tinted windows. They’re pretty cool actually. And if you’ve never seen a glass roof in a car then you need to see this one!  it’s seriously covers from the back of the front seats to the back of the passenger rear seats. It too is very cool.

To say the least, I’m having a lot of fun. Oh, and I didn’t mention the fact that it’s very fast which is why they named it a Mustang. Now don’t get me started on that because a lot of people are upset about it, but I could care less. It’s fast and sporty and fun and I love it .

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