5/10/24 A Real Turn Off

I don’t often write about individual clients because I don’t want anyone out there to get the idea that I’m going to write about them. But when someone comes along that demonstrates something to me that is blog-worthy, I feel compelled to write. I saw a man last night who really kind of violated my untold boundaries. And I say these were untold because, before he got here, he didn’t know that I had these boundaries.

The first thing he did was lie about his age. Now I understand that I often do this myself, but in my defense, if I were to tell my true age, guys would think “oh no, she’s really six years older“. This is because every single woman on these ads lies about her age! It’s a silly game, but one that must be played. But, for a man to lie about his age, just because he believes that I will not see him if he does not lie about his age, is reprehensible. But not something that garners that much notice for me. So moving on, it starts becoming very apparent, as we are talking, that he wants me to role-play with him. This is something I strictly do not do. I am not an actress nor do I ever want to be one. To me, role-playing is acting. So after about 10 minutes of him role-playing with me while I’m not doing it back, I finally said enough. I told him I was not feeling it. I was pretty much ready to end the session right there. But he said that he would stop and he would be himself and for about another 10 minutes he complied. But then he started going into this role-play stuff again. If he wanted me to be a bitch, he got his way. I’m not sure that isn’t what he wanted because he said he wanted a dominatrix, which I am also not one. Can you tell how this appointment was going down? Yeah. I simply was not having it. He thought I was the bees knees, and I’m not sure he knows that I blocked him as soon as he left.

I really don’t go for people who are not genuine. And this guy was probably one of the most disingenuous people I have met in a long time. Having said that, I’m lucky that I don’t have to deal with that very often. Which is the reason that I like men so much. They shoot straight from the hip. Well for the most part.

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