3/21/24 Living Too Long

My 93-year-old mother said to me today that she lived too long. She lived to see her son‘s death. And no mother should ever have to bury a child. Especially not a 69-year-old one. So, do you think there is an age at which you’ve lived too long? My sister had the audacity to ask my mother if she felt that she’d rather live or die because she didn’t think my mother really cared. Well, she got a mouthful from me and my mother confirmed that yes she does want to live. Even with the pain that she deals with, which isn’t overwhelming, and her frailty of body, she still enjoys life. She enjoys reading and watching all sorts of sports. It’s the only programs that you don’t have to be able to listen to because her hearing is so bad. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that she’s always loved sports more than anything else. She likes to get out and eat good food. She likes to see her daughters and her grandchildren and her great grandchildren. Who would want to leave that? Now if she were bedridden or a vegetable, then I could see wanting to leave. But she is neither, and for 93 she’s doing pretty well.  She still lives alone. She has a life alert. Until recently, she never even used cane, but my sister asked her to start using one because she’s afraid she’s going to fall. She drives three times a week to get food or to go to the beauty salon. I would say she still has a pretty good life. My sister likes to stick her foot in her mouth a lot. I can go on about that but I won’t. Yes, I think life is worth living. I didn’t when I was 29, but I’m glad I survived and I’m glad I’m here to see every new day. I know my mother is also.

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