His name is Diego, he’s 27 years old from Council Bluffs, Iowa and he gets a new burner app number every time he calls me to make an appointment. He has made five appointments with me in the last months and a half and every time he tells me that it’s actually Diego not who he said it was. So this means I have to cancel an hour appointment that I was expecting money for. I’ve wasted time, energy and my patience over this guy. I am now telling him that I will figure out where he lives, and who he really is and either get him arrested or send somebody up there to hurt him. And if you don’t think I can do this, think again! I am so upset right now, as I write this, but I know I need to write this now. In eight years of doing this, I have never ever had a stalker! And the last time he did it, he said that he realized his fantasy of being with me was never going to come true. A fucking 27-year-old Mexican guy! And then he turns right around and makes another appointment with me. Now, I feel like I have to get a picture from everyone under 40 making an appointment with me. I’m sure I won’t do that, but that’s how I feel and that’s not a good feeling. Wow, I cannot believe this is even happening to me.

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