3/19/24 Service is Service

I don’t care what service industry you are in or work for, but I do know this. Every service industry is the same in that you are always trying to please the client. A lot of people don’t understand how an escort can remain emotionally detached, but all I’m really concerned with is making sure you are pleased when you leave. The goal of any service is to make you want to come back again. Of course, that is true for any industry. But never more so than the service industry. If I receive really poor customer service, I am not likely to ever go back. But the opposite is true also. And it’s not just about the service that you give. For me it’s also about safety and how well I was able to dispel your nerves, in addition to how good of a service I gave you.

There are many factors that go into seeing and going back to see an escort that might not translate to other service industries. Location, safety, looks, performance, originality, the atmosphere and ambience, many factors. I was recently talking to a man who has a party/event business, and I tried to impress upon him that what he does is not that much different from what I do. All of the factors that I have are the same for him, even if they look different. When someone is looking for a venue, they’re looking for location, performance, reviews, atmosphere and ambience, you get the idea! Is he able to stay emotionally detached from his clients? I dare say he is.

So why should it be any different for me. The funny thing is, no one ever asks a man why he had sex and did not get emotionally involved, but when a woman does this, it’s considered strange. I’ll bet there are a lot of women out there, escorts and not, who can keep their emotions separate from sex. Thanks to the feminist movement, since the 70s, women have been displaying this more and more. I, for one, do not have any problem with this.

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