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5/31/23 Exactly What I have had Stolen from me in the past 7 years

If I had known how much of my belongings would be stolen, burglarized, taken directly from me, and otherwise absconded from me, I might have thought twice about being a Compa.nion!  Ok, maybe not, but here’s a list for you to either shake your head along with me or laugh (but please, keep that to yourself).

  1. Laptop

  2. Iphone 11

  3. Scale

  4. At least $3000

  5. My wallet twice

  6. My bluetooth speakers (2)

  7. All of my paraphernalia

  8. Oodles of marijuana

  9. Bic Lighters

  10. Everything tkat was taken out of my car that could be including my spare.

  11. All of my precious rings that were easily worth $10,000.  (I think my ex roommate did this).

  12. 70 Lingerie outfits (taken by a man no less).

  13. My pride, my self-esteem, feeling stupid, and learning a heck of a lot about who to let into your house and not ever leaving them alone.

5/29/23 Escorts thought

And let me just say this about escorts if I haven’t said it before. The better you know an escort, the better you feel being with her and the more she can do for you that you need done for yourself and not by yourself.


Phew!  I finally am starting to feel like I have some modicum of control over my life. I have taken 200 pictures and put probably about 100 up on the site and take a look at my smile and my face because I don’t think I’ve ever been prettier. And that’s funny because just a week ago I was saying that I was uglier. I’m not uglier and those pictures came out really well. Tell me about your wife because I know you need to. And thank you for your support. Now I will say the guy that came forward and really helped me gave me $250 it was for a session but it was a lot of money and I was able to buy a phone and have $150 in the bank . It felt better than being broke. 

5/27/23 Older professional in St. Louis 11th through 14th

Hello from the older professional in Kansas City. I will be coming to St. Louis June 11 through the 14th. I will be staying on the southside close to the intersection of two major highways in a very nice hotel. This time around you need to make an appointment if you want to see me and if you keep this appointment I’m going to give you $20 back. Think of it as an incentive to show up. That’s probably the biggest complaint that escorts have of their clients. They don’t show up! I want you to show up and I want to meet you and I want to have a good time with you and Lord knows I’ll keep you for the entire time and hopefully be everything you wanted me to be. My donations are 120 for a half hour and 200 for an hour. I do not see boys under 30 and I do not see any AA/black/Native whatever I don’t see black guys. Five robberies have convinced me of this. But I try to have a good attitude and I just lost 75 pounds so you might want to check me out is my personal website and you might want to look at it.


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