The first night I was at St.Lukes North hospital. I was talking with a few nurses and I think somebody was doing vitals on me. I wasn’t very aware of what was going on but I still had my wits about me, if you will. I told this one nurse that I’d be going home tomorrow. She said no you won’t and I said oh yes I will . The next thing I know she’s punching me across my jaw really hard and I think I got a shot in but memory is blurry. My favorite nurse at St. Luke’s was named Erica and she was a beautiful blonde woman who just took to me. She said you won’t ever see that nurse again, implying that she would be fired over this. I tell you there were a few times at that hospital that I wanted to call my lawyer.  Some of the things that went on there were weird.  They had a basement that was, I think their party room. I’m pretty sure they had escorts down there also. One night, I tried to abscond from the hospital, and of course they walked me back to my room and from then on anytime I stood up on the floor a big loud beeping started so I had to call my nurse every time I had to go to the bathroom so that beeping would stop. That and watching pawn stars was about all I did, while they were getting me off lithium and taking care of a very bad UTI that would not go away. In fact, I think they were more worried about the UTI, turning into sepsis than they were the lithium. All in all I would certainly recommend St.Lukes. I liked the providers, I agreed with the psychiatrist and the doctor for that floor let me come home pretty early because I was doing so well. You probably didn’t know this, but spelling the word WORLD backwards took me four days to conquer. That’s how out of it I was. I see a new primary care on Tuesday the 20th today.  I just hope he has a lot of time set aside because there’s a lot to talk about. The first one will be getting a new psychiatrist and hopefully a therapist. And really most importantly getting me scheduled for x-rays and an MRI on my knee so that they can replace it. I want to replace it in August, because that will give me six months of recuperation and PT before I go to Las Vegas with the guy I met In Hawaii!! I figure that it will take six months to heal, but I will work and work and work at this PT because I don’t ever want to feel this kind of pain again. So, as usual, I have wandered off of the initial reason I wrote this blog and maybe that’s just fine. Maybe I needed to talk about that stuff more than a nurse punching me in the face. Up until that time in 56 years I have never been punched. I was like in complete shock. And of course I didn’t leave the next day but I knew what was going down in that basement and I could get them a lot of trouble over it. So if you’re from St.Lukes and you’re reading my blog, I would like you to keep that confidential. So anyway I told Erica I said yeah I’m leaving tomorrow. I don’t care what I have to do but I’m leaving. And all day long she was like, so when are you leaving and I had forgotten that I had even said that. I kind of get now why people hate hospitals. Me, I’ve got to say I kind of enjoy it. My meals are made for me, I can watch all the TV I want, someone somewhere is making me better and I thank God that we have hospitals like we do. I think I’m gonna go to sleep now. It’s 11 o’clock at night and I’m never up this late. I’m starting to think it has something to do with the four hour energy shot I took. Hmmm. But sometimes I’m just like that. Usually I’m sleepy at 8:30. And I certainly don’t wanna see anybody. Well, good night and good day to some of my followers.

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