2/27/24 Marty!

Marty is a 45-year-old black man who lives in New York City and found me through my website. To say that we have become fast friends is quite the understatement. There is nothing I can’t talk to this man about. I’m sure the opposite is completely true also. He is simply amazing. He’s smart and hip and savvy as all can get out.

And I dare say, he’s a better writer than I am, and you are going to get the chance to find out! After he wrote the back cover of my book, I was so impressed by his writing ability that I asked him to write a blog about living in New York City. I just think it’s fascinating to meet other people and really get to know them when they live in such a dichotomous city as New York City. I feel like it couldn’t be any more different from Kansas City if it tried. There are so many things that we take for granted that New Yorkers cannot. But make no bones about it, New Yorkers love where they live!

I hope to have his blog up very soon, so you can see what a phenomenal writer he really is. I’m going to have him do my forward and my about me Pages for my book. Just having a 45-year-old black man from New York City as a friend is completely dope, as Marty would put it!

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