2/13/24 Just a Thought

I’ve been publishing these psychological “hacks“ for a while now, because I find them fascinating. Maybe it’s because I have a background in something akin to psychology.  But I want to add one more psychological factoid to the ones I’ve already published.

I believe when women like a man, they think about making love to them. But if a woman doesn’t like you, there’s no way in hell she is ever going to go there. And I think a lot of guys don’t get this. I think they think that if they just try harder, she will come around. Well I’m here to displace this myth about men who try harder. There’s a reason you’re trying harder. She doesn’t like you and she doesn’t want to be with you. And a woman usually knows if they like someone the first time they meet them. They might not know it from texting or even talking on the phone, but once they meet you in person, they get a feeling. They either like you or they don’t.

After that first meeting, there isn’t much you can do about it. So, if you’re gonna try harder, try harder the first time you meet her. Show up nicely dressed, bathed and smelling nice. Definitely bring her a little something. A great card, a small bouquet of flowers, some candies, a book that you thought she would like. If you can tie it to something that the two of you have talked about, all the better. You get the idea.

And please, please, do not talk about yourself the entire time you are with her, because nothing will turn her off more than that. Well, maybe you popping out your fake eyeball would be worse (and yes, this has happened to me!). It should be give-and-take. If you talk about yourself, then you ask her “what about you…”. The whole meal or venue or walk around a lake should be about give and take. This is the time to be impressing her. Not after she decides that you’re a rude SOB, who likes to impress women with how much he has, who chews with his mouth open, and really has nothing to show for himself! Trust me when I say they are a dime a dozen.

Think about it this way. My mother always says to me that men are like street cars, they come around every 10 minutes. To put it in today’s terminology, there are a lot like Uber drivers. So think about that the next time you have the opportunity to connect with someone on a deeper basis than you usually do. I probably don’t speak for every woman out there, but I think most would say I’m spot on. And, I would love to hear from a reader of mine, who is a woman, to tell me what she thinks. So, enjoy your Hallmark holiday tomorrow and don’t forget the roses. I was lucky enough to get mine today!

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