1/7/21 Oh For the Love!

Will you please stop calling me baby, sweetums, honey, hun (spelled wrong), babe, sweetie, etc ad nauseum!  

Really now, I have to tell you (and the Universe) that I absolutely abhor pet names by people I don’t even know.  I only like it from the person that I’m dating and then it’s one word “Babe”.

I don’t even understand why guys think I want to be called “Baby”.  I think it’s a way to kind of put me in a position of submission.  Or talking down to me.  Which is funny because most of the guys who call me these words are usually not as bright as myself.  It’s pretty easy to tell who is smart and who is not, even over texts.

I do realize that these words are terms of endearment, but why be endeared to someone whom you don’t even know?  So, in my view of things, these are just fake words that mean nothing, but kind of put me in a place that I find very demeaning.

I know what you are thinking.  They are just words, meant with no hostility or degradation.  And I’m sure the guys that use them don’t mean anything negative.  In fact, they may think I would like terms of endearment.  I probably just need to get over myself!

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  1. Rusty

    I’m a guy and I agree with you. I think those guys sound stupid. I never use them with any woman, I can’t even make the words come out because they would sound so fake. I had personal ones for my exwife. Ex. Pumpkin because of her reddish hair. Shorty when she needed something from top shelf or couldn’t find her in the store and she was close by.

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