Blogs 2022

1/1/22  No More VIP

When I saw how few men asked for my new password for my VIP page that I realized it was past it’s prime.  If you can tell me the old or new password, send me your email, I will give you a free subscription.    The content is exactly the same as my VIP page had.

1/7/22 Res0lutions for the new year

As if I’ll keep them

  • Lose Weight and keep it off.

  • Make more friends.

  • Have a good year Financially.

  • Take a Vacation


1/7/22 Update on VIP

I’m trying to find a host where I can put everything because neither OnlyFans or this site are set up to host video.  OnlyFans has to charge.  It should just take a day or two to find a site.  The new password will be the password on this site.

1/7/22 $2500 for a lawyer in Johnson County

You heard me right.  If you have to hire an attorney for a solicitation charge you’re looking at $2500.  And that does not include court or fines.  Up north, it’s half that.  And all for what will most likely be a simple diversion.  That’s what my friend is going to get.  Diversion is where they say ” don’t do anything bad for a year and we’ll dismiss the case”.  Four years after your diversion is over, you can get it expunged.

1/23/22 Feeling Much Better, Thank you!

I am happy to say that I’m out of my depression.  I think part of why that is, is because I found out that my “good friend” did not die, he just simply ghosted me.  I’m simply amazed that someone I’ve known for over 2 years would do this, but given my experiences with men in KC, I really should not be shocked.  After all, I’ve been ghosted by 3-4 other guys.  My experience being in KC has not been all that great besides good business.  But I do want to so thank all the people who contacted me to see if I was ok.  Some of this depression was obviously grief for someone who did not die.  With that grief gone, anger and shock replaced it.  But at least, it’s not depression.  I think I’m going to get a counselor.  I think that would be a really good idea for me.

1/23/22 Burglarized…Again

I was burglarized in 2019 by a methhead that I tried to help in a Social Work way.  I thought I had learned my lesson and changed things around.  I know exactly who did it.  He came over a lot and knew a lot.  Thankfully the night before I had taken most of my cash to my Ex the night before.  From now on, if you can pay me with Cash App, Venmo or Paypal, that would be preferable.  I think a lot of providers are getting burglarized because more and more are asking for the same thing.  I will still accept cash and it will go into a safety deposit box daily.  I’m also going to put video cameras in my house.  And yes, I did call the police, told him what I do (which he did not judge!) and he said he would investigate the perpetrator.

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